Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Oh, God, make it stop! We have barely dug ourselves out of this past blizzard of between 25" - 30" in some parts and guess what's coming tomorrow?  Yup.  Another 10" - 20" the weather heads say.  Johnny has to take the tree trimmer and knock down the icicles 2x a day and today he gashed a nice big tear in one of our screens.

The front porch and all of the stairs remain a SOLID BLOCK OF ICE.

 See? I mean it!  A solid block of ice 1.5" thick! 

Don't forget the top step, Johnny.  That's some dangerous stuff.  Don't slip.  And over there, see?  That chunk over there, I don't want the UPS man to slip when he delivers my QVC package.  You'll have to do all of the stairs at this point.  Don't pound too hard, you'll crack the concrete!  Can you get that snow piled up in that corner while you're at it. 

Yeah, that's good, get real close to the inside edge so that we don't slip and fall.  Don't forget that section that still has snow on it.  That can't be good for the wood.  Plus, when that melts it will just turn to water, then to ice then you'll be out here again in a few hours.  Maybe even in the middle of the night!  I can set the alarm for you and you can come out here and chop some more ice at dawn.  Gosh, it's supposed to get down to 12* again.... 

Oh my, you look so cute doing all that manly muscle work, you're kinda like my very own cave man.  Well, more like my own ice man, haha!  Hey wasn't that the name of that tough character in Top Gun?  How funny, you're a Navy man & that was a Navy movie, that's awesome! 

This is so much fun!  Can you slow down a little bit so I can take another picture of you?  Look at me.  Did you hear me?  Are you listening?  Hello?  Hola?  SMILE!

Hey....I think you.....missed...the.....3rd............stair...

Uuummmm.....OK.....Buh-bye!  SEE YA!  Call me if you need any more help!

(Hey, a smart woman knows when to shut up get the hell out of dodge.  Especially when he's holding a huge piece of ice and an ice pic.)

I know somewhere deep, Deep, DEEP down inside he appreciates my "help, advice & support."  Oh yeah.  I know he does.  :o/


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