Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 365: Jan 23 ~ Jan30

I can't believe another week has come and gone! I'm sitting here doing tons of laundry (how do two people wear so many clothes?!?) & waiting for my Sunday call from Josh. I'm so excited! He said last week (we got our first call 3 weeks after he left for advanced boot camp) that his drill sergeants were going to allow him a call home every Sunday from now on. I sure hope he calls soon! The day passes very, very slowly when I'm staring at the clock every 10 minutes.....

I have an exciting week ahead. Book Club is going to be at an Indian Restaurant so that we can get the "feel" for the book being set in India. I can't wait. I have a tea with the Army wives and a field trip to Andrews Air Force Base to tour Air Force 2, the Vice President's Plane. How cool is that? I'm going to have a fun time with my camera this week!

Meanwhile, I'm plugging away with my Project 365 ~

Jan 23
{My charm bracelet} Overjoyed today! After 3 weeks, we finally got a phone call from our son who's in boot camp. He sounded well ~ happy & healthy and seems to be enjoying himself, his environment & his training. We are so proud of him. It was wonderful to hear his voice xoxoxo. I used my new crackle texture on this image.

Jan 24
In my next life, can I please be the food photographer for Wegman's Menu Magazine, Dear Lord? In the meantime, I'll keep practicing. Amen.

Jan 25
Today I was looking for "repeating patterns" for my P365 theme and though this wasn't exactly what I had in mind I was stopped dead in my tracks at Wegman's grocery store by these adorable little faces begging all passers by "pleeeeease take me home." They made me smile so I took them home. All of them. In a photograph, at least  ;o)

Jan 26
This is our day on the East Coast. Add cold to this and you have the whole picture. It just turned from rain, to sleet to snow all in the period of 1/2 hour so I'm betting tomorrow's P365 image will have some white stuff in it!  :o)

Jan 27
I thought I'd have a gorgeous snow photo for my P365 today, but instead it's just a big, slushy mess outside. We got several inches, but now it's all melting.

As I was standing on my deck I noticed that the ice on our peach tree is finally melting....and that the tree is budding ??? I repeat ??? It's confused. So am I.

Jan 28
I caught my sweet little Peanut day dreaming today. She was adorable wrapped up in her warm blanket, staring out through the large bay window watching the snow fall. She seemed hypnotized by the pretty white stuff falling softly to the ground. Too cute ♥

Jan 29
Today's P365 theme: RED. I thought it would be so hard to challenge myself with a red theme just two days after a big snow storm....and then I stepped outside and saw the holly bush covered in snow in my driveway, ha! I forgot about that. But lucky for me, had it not been for this bush, you'd be looking at a photo of a stop sign right now.

Jan 30
My silly Chihuahua Peanut. My husband is holding her for me so that I can cut her nails. She's trying to pull her little paws as close to her body as she can to keep them away from me. Poor thing, they are so long, but we put it off as long as possible since she acts like we are torturing her to death when we trim them. I'm surprised the neighbors haven't called the cops on us with all the screetching & carrying on she does. Lordy....all that drama coming out of a 5 pound dog. We always feel like we need a drink when it's all over with.


My project 365 is the one thing that gets my mind off of feeling anxiety about Josh being gone. Every day gets easier and every day that I get a letter from him makes me realize that he's settling into his new life and is doing very well. I'm extremely proud of him.

If you have any Project 365 ideas let me know!! Leave me a message in the comments section below or on Facebook. Give me a shout out ~ A color! A word! A mood! A theme! An item......I'll see if I can accept the challenge....Rated PG please....achem....Kat. Haha. I know you!

My boy still hasn't called, but Johnny's tummy is a grumbling and my laundry is calling me so I'll bid you all adieu and get on with my evening. Hugs & kisses!!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

FINALLY! Helga's Maiden Voyage

This is the only pic I have of Johnny & Helga’s “First Date” and it’s so sweet, even though it was dark and it’s taken on my cell phone. It’s a historical moment!

It was cute because dinner was coming out of the oven and there is nothing in the world Johnny is motivated by more than supper and boxed wine, yet he kept looking outside and saying "WOW…..I don’t want the snow to build up too much, maybe I should get Helga fired up." And about a minute later, looking out the kitchen blinds, he says, "Hmmm.... seems there’s a break in the snow and it’s getting darker and darker (it was already pitch black, how can it get darker?) so maybe I should….." 

I said, "FINE! I’ll put the oven on warm. GO! Get out of here!" I hadn’t completely finished my sentence, turned around from the oven and he was already gone. Poof.

He went up and down our teensy driveway for awhile and then I noticed that he disappeared. He had a blast going around to the neighbors’ and clearing sidewalks, etc. He came back in soaking wet, his face all red and sweaty, a big, cheesy grin on his face and gave me the “thumbs up.”

I have been listening to Johnny pray and whine for snow since July so I’m pleased to announce that he finally got his wish. And I don’t have to hear it anymore! We’re BOTH happy J 
(P.S. And 1.5 hrs later, we finally ate supper)


Saturday, January 22, 2011

A look back on my week through photographs

It’s been a busy week and I’ve hardly had time to check in. I have been diligent in writing to Josh daily and making sure he always gets something during “mail call” that I’ve given up my blog time. I’m literally all talked out after I write him letters.

Josh is all settled back into his routine and learning how to shoot his weapon and rucking 6 miles with all of his gear on. He’s working hard and counting down the days to graduation. We all are!! I can’t wait!!

Thought I’d share my Project 365 pics from this week with you….(starting with today and working backwards) in case you’re not bored enough, ha! My main goal is to simply capture "a moment" a "mood" or "feeling" or the "highlight" of my day; something that stands out to me.

And I'm NOT afraid to use my cell phone because life happens and you take a capture when it happens with whatever means you have.  

Three of the following images were on my cell phones. Can you guess which ones they are?

Project 365 ~ Photo captions in brackets:  

Jan 22

{It's a frosty, windy & grey 22* outside, yet I stepped inside the grocery store, took of my gloves and was immediately greeted by the most magnificent yellow roses I'd ever seen. They warmed my heart ♥ even if the rest of me was still frozen}

Aren't they pretty? I loved them so much I used the image to make a new header for my blog!  Do you like it?  J

Jan 21

{Lunch: I love my husband. I really, really do. But sometimes he makes something so, ummmm.... "creative" for lunch that literally makes me gag. Today he mixed a ton of mustard into a can of tuna, spread it on a slice of bread then heaped on a pile of macaroni & cheese. The smell was enough to make me hold my breath. I snapped the pic then ran. Just wanted you to know my husband a tad.....sorry if I grossed you out.} 
Jan 20
Happy Birthday Army WIves Club of Washington D.C.!  We celebrated by having a luncheon and playing Bingo at the O'Club. No...I didn't win, but I sure had fun trying  J

Jan 19

I posted this image earlier this week:  {They didn't get to call home. I waited 3 days, phone in hand. UGH. I'm really missing my son today. I just want to hear his voice. Maybe next weekend.....shot this on my shiny black stove top. Natural light from the kitchen window.}

Jan 18

{Today, I awoke and  my entire world had been dipped in shellac.}

Jan 17

{Visited Quantico Marine Base today  OOH-RAH!}

Jan 16

{Chicken'd better......Fear the Chihuahua!    Peanut was a bit confused as I was laying on my stomach with my lens resting on one side of the dish. I was all I could do to keep her from licking my lens.  She's such a dainty eater  J}

Jan 15

The next two I forgot to add the date. DOH! ~ 
{Jan. 15 ~ Haven't spoken to my son at bootcamp in 2 weeks, but got a surprise text message from him tonight. Something so simple as being able to say "Goodnight" gave me joy & completely made my day.  xoxo I hope he gets to call home tomorrow.....}

Jan 14

{Jan 14 ~ For inspiration for today's P365 image I asked my husband to "pick a color, ANY color" and he yelled GREEN! The hunt was on (inside the house bc I'm a weather weanie). This is my favorite little metal box; a gift from my friend. I love dragonfly's....and it meets my husband's criteria  J }

Did you figure it out? Ok, fine. I'll tell ya: The roses, the bingo photo and the statue at Quantico ~ yup, those were on my blackberry. J Crazy, huh? I encourage you to capture your life, your way. YOU are the only judge. You are the only person you need to please. Have fun and make memories!

I'll cya next week. Have a great, relaxing Sunday  ZZZzzzzzzzzz............nap, anyone? Yes, please.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Not so Rosey Day ~

I haven't gotten to speak with Josh since he got back to his base. I'm so bummed. I just need to hear his voice. Even for 5 minutes.

I'm not whining. I'm just saying. That's all.

Jan 19

Today's Project 365 image....I can't help it. I'm missing him so much today.

I took the photo for Josh, actually. Ironically, to put in my daily letter to cheer him up and to remind him to remain strong and centered during his training.

I don't get it. The other platoons got to phone home on Saturday.

I don't get down often at all. Hardly ever, actually.

But the FINALITY of my son moving out - NO - moving AWAY - is sorta hard.

Really sorta hard.

I'm not whining. Just saying....

I promised that I'd document my days/feelings/LIFE in my blog. Sorry  :o(

I think I'll print out the picture and EAT IT! Take my own advice, haha! It will probably taste like chicken.

Brenda, you have to get used to this. Your "Mom job" is over. You got the "20 year pin!"

Can I just take a moment to acknowledge my awesome tan? My only evidence that I didn't always look like a Costco sized container of cottage cheese since moving to the East Coast. The FREEZING East Coast.

You have to admit, he was the cutest kid!! Wasn't he? That round button nose, oh my, I love this kid!

Tomorrow's a new, exciting, beginning. A fresh start with a new attitude. I promise. I get to go play BINGO with the Army wives! Did I say Army. Oh Maaaaann!!......ughh.

Thanks for listening.

The End.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Anyone who knows me knows that I hate being cold more than anything. I'd rather fly around the world than be cold (I hate flying). I realize "hate" is a strong word and I don't use it often, but in this applies. Sorry. But it does.

This is our grill cover.

{{I maaaay have mentioned moving to San Diego once or twice (or 6x) as I peeked outside this morning}}

We had an ice storm over night and there are literally ice crystals laying on the surface of everything in my world right now.

My cold, cold world.

Add to that 1/2 inch of ice.

Every branch, every old leaf, every stick and dormant blade of grass is encased in ice.

It's magical and haunting.

Breathtaking & surreal.

It's as if the Earth has been dipped in shellac.

Isn't this amazing?  Are you cold yet?

Today's Project 365 photo. Pretty much sums up my day.

As, achem...."big boned" as I am body chills so quickly, my spine actually starts to ache. But, admittedly, my little 10 minute field trip to my court yard was stunning and exhilarating. I was speechless (and that doesn't happen often, trust me). The only sound outside was the sound of my camera shutter firing and it seemed to echo down the street.

Johnny spent 1 1/2 hours mid morning chipping ice off the front steps and (his) windshield. He actually went to work!!even though all our schools are closed today. Do you think that qualifies him as a workaholic? Just asking. He'd have been faster going in on ice skates.

Me, on the other hand, will spend the day doing laundry and having a PJ Day. Coffee pot is on and I'm staying put!

I'll be pretending I live in San Diego.........


Friday, January 14, 2011

Been SO busy!

I am all talked out. Seriously, I have tons ~ and I do mean TONS ~ of images on my camera still stuck in there from Christmas! And I will get them blogged......some day....

The issue is that I'm writing Josh every day, trying hard to get him letters for "mail call," and I'm all talked out by the end of it. Can you believe it? MEEEE??? Talked out, ha! I know, that's hilarious. But, for once in my life, it's happened.

Silence is golden, right? I'm trying to convince myself of that. Once boot camp is over I will pour my lil 'ol chatter box self back into these spaces again. Don't worry about me. I'm here! I'm well! I'm counting down the days to graduation!

I'm enjoying my Project 365 ~ the link is on the side of my blog in the Project 365 button---->

I just had to share two of my P365 images of my girls with you before I dart off on errands. Peanut & Piper make me smile and laugh out loud every day and bring me so much joy. Dogs do that so effortlessly, don't they? You dog people will understand..........

Jan 13

My Peanut actually "smiles!" Yes, she does. I see it. You see it too, I know you do.
I'm not crazy. Sometimes you can even see her little teeth and it cracks me up.

Jan 11

My sweet Piper, on the other hand, doesn't smile at all. Ever. She has the cutest pouty face ever. She always looks like someone just stole her chewey. Awww...

And I love her button nose  xoxo

Now, if the weather doesn't clear up soon, my Project 365 pics are going to be of every part of my dogs and they are going to run away from home!! They see me creeping up to them with my camera and I can almost here them saying, "UGH, 'she' comes again....quick, look like you're sleeping maybe she'll go away."

I haven't taken today's image and they are looking darling laying side by side on their hot pad..........

Have a wonderful weekend everyone  :o)


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ode to the "Remote Start"

Dear God, save me. What the heck is that white stuff....What is its purpose and why are you doing this to me??? And why must I see my breath outside when I speak, it's not natural. Why are there UGGS on my feet and not flip flops? I think I've gone to Hell and by the way: Hell hath frozen over.

Just a teensy bit self absorbed today, I'll admit.

3/4 inches. That's plenty for me.

3/4 inches. That's plenty for me. I'm so over winter. And it's only January 8th. OMG...Johnny's outside clearing the drive and steps. He doesn't mind. Besides, if I'm out there with him he has to hear me grumble and mention the always perfect weather in San Diego about 482 times so it's not worth it (we lived there when we were newlyweds for 18 perfect, glorious months).

Every winter, ALL winter, I complain. Happily, though. Usually he gets smacked with a big snowball upside the head then I go in and make hot cocoa. I love him. He loves me. It's the way we roll. I hate being cold. I mean....He hates to cook. So I cook! What's wrong with this picture?!?

That's why the best thing that's ever happened to me since we moved here 9 years ago is the intallation of REMOTE STARTS in both of our cars. That's what we got each other for Christmas this year (Translation: He went out of town for a week and I took both cars into the Toyota dealer and had remote starts installed and then wrapped the receipts up under the tree for him to open Dec. 25) and screamed Merry Christmas Honey! Excited?   :o/

I blame Josh. He knew about it so that makes him my accomplice. Does a good Mom blame her only child in matters of remote starts? He's not even here to defend himself....YES. She. Does. He could've stopped me. He has muscles. Really big muscles! But he didn't so we're in this together. Arms linked, undivided & broke.

So now there is NO grumbling before we head out on errands because we use our key fob and go CLICK from our kitchen window and the car starts VA-ROOM!! and in 10-15 minutes when we leave the car is toasty warm. Nirvana!

Secret to a happy marriage. Remote Start!

Happy wife. Happy life. That's Johnny's motto! I love him. He loves me. That's the way we roll. Only now we roll around pre-heated!

Toasty, warm, happy wife in Virginia


Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Friday!

Jan 7

Day 7, Project 365 ~ Gloomy, dark, dreary day today. Headache....I rarely ever get them. Ouch. Staying in all day. Loved the lines in the window & the dragonfly makes me yearn for Spring. Guess I've got a long winter ahead!

Know what made me feel better and even smile a little, despite my headache? The next 3 pictures...

Johnny took these pics of me and GI Josh right before we took our soldier to the bus station.
Oooobviously, getting goodbye kisses from his Mama are something he really looks forward to. Duh.

And making a manly rough & tough Rambo face makes getting "said kisses from Mama" more macho.

What a cutie pie  :o)      {{{proud Mama}}}

I think I have to put that last one in a frame....and on my iPad. And on my iTouch. And on my blackberry....and in my Facebook album. And on a billboard staple gun'd to my garage door and I'll give everyone a magnet......And.....what?!? I said I was proud!

Get used to it.

Or I'll just make a scrapbook page.

Poor kid. This is what happens when you're an only child.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

I met my girlfriends at Panera Bread today for lunch to launch my new "Movie Club." I've been wanting to start this club for 3 years now and for the most part me and my girlfriends have been going to shows about once a month anyway, but I wanted to make a concerted effort to PLAN a movie day. I just needed to get out of this house and out of my own head. So it was a good excuse and a good day to start. The beginning of the year....the beginning of a new social club.

Why not?

Jan 6

This counter is always so pretty. It reminds me of the bakery windows in Germany. And the smells.....oh, I wish this pic could be a scratch and sniff  ;o)  You'd fall over.

We had a yummy lunch together then walked across to the movie theater to see The Kings Speech. The movie is the story of King George VI (Queen Elizabeth's Father) who had a life long speech impediment that he had to overcome after he became King of England so that he could address the country. Great movie! I didn't think I'd like it as much as I did ~ 2 thumbs up! 5 stars! Go see this movie.

Yay for our first Movie Club! I'm excited to plan the next one in a month, hee-hee.

Other than that.......writing my letter to Josh. I'll write him every day while he's in training. Again. Oh.. Don't get me started. Plastering a smile on my face....I'm trying. Movies help. My girlfriends help. And my hubby...he's just so sweet, loving, caring & gives good hugs. He gets it. Our nest is empty and he feels it too.

Tons of laundry helps. Cooking helps. I'm making pasta carbonara tonight ~ CARBS help! So much for my new years diet plan.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today was good. I closed down the pity party and got on with LIFE!!  YEAH!

Which, for me, meant going grocery shopping, doing 3 loads of laundry, cooking dinner and doing dishes, but, whatever.....

Jan 5

Day 5 of Project 365: Poor little sad unlit half undecorated Christmas tree...sooo pitiful!
Tomorrow I finish the kill. RAWR!

Wow! This "getting on with life" stuff is F-U-N! Woo-hoo.

Give me my Josh back.



Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Empty Nest, take 2

Late last night we took G.I. Josh to the Greyhound bus station so that he could get back to his duty station.

He was ready and he was not ready at the same time. A mixed bag of emotions after being home for 18 days.

Jan 3

I'm never ready. I miss him so much I feel as if my heart is cracked open.

FX PhotoStudio Image

I got used to him being here again. His messy bedroom. His messy bathroom.

His dirty dishes in the sink from his late nights when I get up the next morning.

FX PhotoStudio Image

His laugh. His bald head. His relationship with Peanut (she loves him madly!)

His "I'm all grown up now" attitude while he ate Captain Crunch cereal and watched The Cartoon Network  :o)

Jan 4

I'll be back on track tomorrow, I'm sure of it, but today I just can't help myself. I'm deeply sad. I'm missing my boy so much. The goodbye last night was brutal. So much harder than the first time and I felt miserable letting him go. Why is that? I don't get it. I thought it was supposed to get easier.

So today was my pity party. One attendee, 2 chihuahuas, one couch, the TV, a box of chocolates & my sweet tea. True story. Tomorrow is a new day; time to get on with things and skip and dance through my life again. I feel lucky that I have my husband & son, lots of friends, family & health (and puppies!) and that life is good. Tomorrow. Not today. Tomorrow.

I'll be back on track tomorrow.

Thanks for listening.