Saturday, January 22, 2011

A look back on my week through photographs

It’s been a busy week and I’ve hardly had time to check in. I have been diligent in writing to Josh daily and making sure he always gets something during “mail call” that I’ve given up my blog time. I’m literally all talked out after I write him letters.

Josh is all settled back into his routine and learning how to shoot his weapon and rucking 6 miles with all of his gear on. He’s working hard and counting down the days to graduation. We all are!! I can’t wait!!

Thought I’d share my Project 365 pics from this week with you….(starting with today and working backwards) in case you’re not bored enough, ha! My main goal is to simply capture "a moment" a "mood" or "feeling" or the "highlight" of my day; something that stands out to me.

And I'm NOT afraid to use my cell phone because life happens and you take a capture when it happens with whatever means you have.  

Three of the following images were on my cell phones. Can you guess which ones they are?

Project 365 ~ Photo captions in brackets:  

Jan 22

{It's a frosty, windy & grey 22* outside, yet I stepped inside the grocery store, took of my gloves and was immediately greeted by the most magnificent yellow roses I'd ever seen. They warmed my heart ♥ even if the rest of me was still frozen}

Aren't they pretty? I loved them so much I used the image to make a new header for my blog!  Do you like it?  J

Jan 21

{Lunch: I love my husband. I really, really do. But sometimes he makes something so, ummmm.... "creative" for lunch that literally makes me gag. Today he mixed a ton of mustard into a can of tuna, spread it on a slice of bread then heaped on a pile of macaroni & cheese. The smell was enough to make me hold my breath. I snapped the pic then ran. Just wanted you to know my husband a tad.....sorry if I grossed you out.} 
Jan 20
Happy Birthday Army WIves Club of Washington D.C.!  We celebrated by having a luncheon and playing Bingo at the O'Club. No...I didn't win, but I sure had fun trying  J

Jan 19

I posted this image earlier this week:  {They didn't get to call home. I waited 3 days, phone in hand. UGH. I'm really missing my son today. I just want to hear his voice. Maybe next weekend.....shot this on my shiny black stove top. Natural light from the kitchen window.}

Jan 18

{Today, I awoke and  my entire world had been dipped in shellac.}

Jan 17

{Visited Quantico Marine Base today  OOH-RAH!}

Jan 16

{Chicken'd better......Fear the Chihuahua!    Peanut was a bit confused as I was laying on my stomach with my lens resting on one side of the dish. I was all I could do to keep her from licking my lens.  She's such a dainty eater  J}

Jan 15

The next two I forgot to add the date. DOH! ~ 
{Jan. 15 ~ Haven't spoken to my son at bootcamp in 2 weeks, but got a surprise text message from him tonight. Something so simple as being able to say "Goodnight" gave me joy & completely made my day.  xoxo I hope he gets to call home tomorrow.....}

Jan 14

{Jan 14 ~ For inspiration for today's P365 image I asked my husband to "pick a color, ANY color" and he yelled GREEN! The hunt was on (inside the house bc I'm a weather weanie). This is my favorite little metal box; a gift from my friend. I love dragonfly's....and it meets my husband's criteria  J }

Did you figure it out? Ok, fine. I'll tell ya: The roses, the bingo photo and the statue at Quantico ~ yup, those were on my blackberry. J Crazy, huh? I encourage you to capture your life, your way. YOU are the only judge. You are the only person you need to please. Have fun and make memories!

I'll cya next week. Have a great, relaxing Sunday  ZZZzzzzzzzzz............nap, anyone? Yes, please.


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Anonymous said...

Benda... I so enjoy your life and especially in photos. Thank you for your talent! I've been thinking about you a lot because of the cold temps.... how many times have you told John you are moving to San Diego this week?? We'll be staying in today and getting ready to watch our beloved Steelers crush the Jets. But a nap sounds good too!!! Happy
Sunday.... hope you hear from Josh today.....L.