Thursday, January 27, 2011

FINALLY! Helga's Maiden Voyage

This is the only pic I have of Johnny & Helga’s “First Date” and it’s so sweet, even though it was dark and it’s taken on my cell phone. It’s a historical moment!

It was cute because dinner was coming out of the oven and there is nothing in the world Johnny is motivated by more than supper and boxed wine, yet he kept looking outside and saying "WOW…..I don’t want the snow to build up too much, maybe I should get Helga fired up." And about a minute later, looking out the kitchen blinds, he says, "Hmmm.... seems there’s a break in the snow and it’s getting darker and darker (it was already pitch black, how can it get darker?) so maybe I should….." 

I said, "FINE! I’ll put the oven on warm. GO! Get out of here!" I hadn’t completely finished my sentence, turned around from the oven and he was already gone. Poof.

He went up and down our teensy driveway for awhile and then I noticed that he disappeared. He had a blast going around to the neighbors’ and clearing sidewalks, etc. He came back in soaking wet, his face all red and sweaty, a big, cheesy grin on his face and gave me the “thumbs up.”

I have been listening to Johnny pray and whine for snow since July so I’m pleased to announce that he finally got his wish. And I don’t have to hear it anymore! We’re BOTH happy J 
(P.S. And 1.5 hrs later, we finally ate supper)


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