Monday, June 28, 2010

Minnie is old.

Minnie is our little sweetheart.

When our regular vet told us that Minnie had an enlarged heart and a murmur and that we should get it checked out....

We did so immediately! Maybe I'm just old along with Minnie, but I had NO idea that there were medical specialists for dogs. I mean, a Cardiologist! For dogs! Okay....


But Johnny and I decided we'd go have a look-see into her heart and see if there's anything that can be fixed without invasive measures because...she's old and she's our sweetheart. I'm not going to put her through anything crazy.

The assistant rolled out the welcome mat for our little girl. Isn't that sweet? Or did that cost us an extra $50? I'm not sure, but I liked it.


Get. Me. Out. Of. Here. Mommy.



Just in case you were wondering what the canine heart looked like. I did.


Our big girl!! 4.6 pounds! Geeze, Minnie, we need to get your fat arse on a diet.

Haha, you're nearly breaking the scale! Too many treats little girl.


Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. You're cute and I love you mucho gusto.

You're my baaaaaaaaby!


I did sneak one. You can't leave me alone in a room with food.

I've been on a diet and I'm hungry enough to eat the metal lids.

The cat treats were pretty good. Tastes like chicken.


Okay, all done. The bad news is that during the ecogram/sonogram/whatever it was ~ her left side does have a faulty valve and it's enlarged. And she's weak because of it.
The treatment can be an incredibly expensive surgery that would replace the faulty valve.

Translation: Get a second mortage on your home, sell both of your cars, tell your grandchildren that they will never go to Disneyworld, you'll never get your false teeth or a rocking chair, and you'll eat Ramean soup for the REST. OF. YOUR. LIVING. DAYS.

HOWEVER!! Minnie's heart would be fixed!! Woo-Hoo!!

Cue the scratch on the record player sound playing in your head: Zurrroooooppp-screeech! (I heard it. Did you?)

Because that isn't going to happen. I happen to like cars, food and shelter and my future false teeth. Plus, I WILL be taking my grandchildren to Disneyworld, I can't wait! (Josh, that had BETTER not be any time soon though, thank you very much. I guess I can wait)....

So...Minnie will slumber along and we will keep her happy and thriving and take the puppy stroller along every night on our walks like we've been doing for the past 2 years (looking like weirdo's, but who cares) so that she can walk a little, ride a lot, walk a little, ride a lot. Minnie's happy, we're happy, the bank is happy. The cardiologist won't be happy. It's all good.

And when the time comes when her little heart says I'm done, then we will be joyous of every year and moment we've had with her and put her to rest. No issue there. We are blessed that she's been part of our world for 12 years now and we pray for several more years. God willing.

The funny thing is they did offer us meds (of course, and expensive ones at that) - basically caffeine pills to give her a jolt; a boost of daily energy....I'm sorry. But can you IMAGINE a Chihuahua on caffeine? I can't stop laughing!

No. No. No. Not in this lifetime. So that's it. End of story. We love you Minnie Mouse   xoxoxo   Here's to long, happy life. Everyone lift your iced tea glasses!!  {{{clink}}}


Friday, June 25, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Father's Day....the 3rd Sunday in June set aside to honor Father's.

Of course, this year I screwed up and thought I had an extra week so the cards to our Dad's went out in the mail the day before Father's Day...yikes...but at least they went out the way my brain has been working these days...


In my household, Father's Day is all about this wonderful man ~ my Johnny. It's my priority to make sure that he feels appreciated and loved bunches and gobs.

Translation: Feed Johnny.


More appropriately: Feed Johnny INDIAN food.

I took my hunky man to Minerva Indian Cuisine in Fairfax. From the outside there is no fanfare & no bells and whistles. The restaurant is tucked in the Fairfax Shopping Center, a strip mall, you'd pass it by if you blinked. Inside is also very modest, but the food is authentic, spicy and delicious ~ and the place is always packed.


~ Hi Handsome ~

Johnny's coworker Pavna is Indian and prepares only traditional foods in her home. Johnny loves to go on and on about the Indian food we've eaten over the weekend and tells her frequently, "You are so lucky you get to eat Indian food all the time!"

The patient & kind Miss Pavna has to keep reminding Johnny that in their house hold they simply call it "Food."


The pink sticky notes telling you in INDIAN what the dish is....I call them Spicy Dish #1, Spicy Dish #2...4th Spicy Dish from the end...


But nothing beats THIS wonderful station where you take one of those potato cakes (triangles), squish it, put some of the spicy garbanzo bean mixture on top, then brown sauce then white sauce, then the shaker thingy, some fresh tomato then the green stuff and this creates ~ ~ ~



Those are "sweet sticky balls" on the end. I've been forced to name the food in English since it's a small problem that I'm not fluent in Indian.


And the "flat cakes," "brown crunch coins" "white mush" and "green goo" are amazing also!


And don't forget the Mango Lassi! The drink that will make you sing Hallelujah! right there in your seat.


This is all Johnny's food ~ Yup. Uh-huh. That man can eat anything. I mean it. Look how thin he is. Makes me sick. All I had was one tiny, single, pathetic garbanzo bean. I might have tasted the mango lassi. What? I'm not a piggy! Alright. Fine. I may have eaten one teensy piece of naan bread. But that's it.


And yes. I took my sweet tea. It's the way I roll.

I think I succeeded in making my super hubby feel special with all that food on his table. I don't mind that he's a big eater. He carries it well.

When Josh got home from work he gave Johnny a really cool pen kit that he ordered online. It's gorgeous and when Johnny makes it I'll post a's a "puzzle pen." Very, very cool! You can see it HERE.

We love you Johnny! You're our SUPERMAN and we love and value sooo much!

xoxoxoxo   Happy Father's Day, My Love   xoxoxoxo


Hair Day! Doesn't it look gorgeous?

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Our little Texas cowgirl

My sister, Kat, and I were having a deep, philosophical discussion about Madison's future this morning via email...

Me: "Oh my God, she is just the cutest little thing!!!"  (I said upon receiving the photo ~ and of course I had to scrapbook it right away)

Kat: "She stands like a cheerleader!"

Me: "She needs to be a cheerleader! She'll be great on our Redskins team!!!"


Kat: "PAH-LEASE, that is a DALLAS Cowboys Cheerleader if I have ever seen one!!

Me: OK....we'll see....when she comes to visit I'll take her to Gold's Gym on Monday nights so that she can meet the girls on her future team. It's a trick. And I'm not afraid to use it ;o) " 

Side note: (The Redskin's cheerleading team works out at Josh's gym on Monday nights ~ another reason Josh loves his job).

Kat: "Well, I HATE the Cowboys, but she LOVES those boots!!"

Me: "So then it's settled. She'll be a Redskins cheerleader and bring some Southern flair to our team!"

Then I decided to Google one of the Redskin performances just to show Kat how great Madison will be as one of OUR cheerleaders and I watched about 63 of these videos...



Where did their clothes go? And what was that little wiggly thing they were doing with their back sides? And where were their clothes? And did you hear the men hoopin' and hollarin' at them gals?

What happened to the cute outfit, some colorful, poofy pom-poms and a little "Action! Action! We want Action! A-C-T!!! [pom, pom, pom, kick] I-O-N!!! [pom, pom, pom, kick] Action! Boys! Action!"

And where were their clothes?

Nooooooo.....not gonna happen. Hands off, gentlemen. My protective Aunt gear is going on and you don't wanna mess with me.

Kat, Madison is just fine looking sweet and perfect in her little dress and cowboy boots. My cheerleader visions just blew up before my very eyes. No cheerleading tryouts should have to include 2 years of pole dancing experience and to be able to fit into your childhood Barbie dolls' clothing...when Madison turns 13 we will be locking her in her room until she's 34. Agreed?

There. I feel much better now.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Insanity! I hate this heat!

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Took my first ZUMBA class last night at my gym. If you don't know what ZUMBA is then take a quick look ~

But I can tell you that MY class was out of control. Screaming, yelling, hooping and hollaring....and that was just ME. Haha. The music was loud like in a disco and we had the party lights on in our room. It was a salsa dance fest and it was crazy! Only blue, green and red like a dance floor. Woooop Whooooop!

My class was like this ~ and so was my Latin dancer instructor who was tiny enough to blow away in a strong breeze:

Boy am I sore this morning. No hoopin' and hollarin' going on this beautiful Wednesday morning. Only moanin' and groanin' and whinin'.  Oooouuuucchhhh.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dog food making day at the Jorgensen's!

Today I made doggie food for my girls!


30 days worth!


Ready for the freezer and each day my girls get a yummy chicken, broccoli & brown rice treat :o)

I know...

We're crazy.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope you had a great Father's Day weekend. We sure did!  :o)

My Mama Kay's birthday was Saturday and of course Sunday was the day to spoil the Dad in our home. I made Johnny a yummy dessert (that I did NOT eat because it's not part of "the plan" ~ nor did I even have a TASTE ~ so there, Josh!). Johnny said it was goooood and gobbled it right up. I'll post the recipe this week, I still have to process the pics.


Woke up on this beautiful Monday morning to find these pics on my Facebook page. I just melted! So I decided to make a small scrapbook page while having my morning coffee to start off my day.

My niece is the cutie patootie on the far left in the pink shorts ~ the one with NO front teeth, haha. She's gone to the pool every single day since school has let out. She's a little dolphin and loves the water.

With her are her two buddies (sisters) Emma & Ava, they live just a few houses down from her. I miss Madison so much, she's my girl. I passed down my love for shoes and painted toe nails so we get along just fine!

Time to get my butt in gear. I have a hundred things to get done today! I can't just sit here and scrapbook all day.....though I want to. Thanks for the pics, Kat. I can't wait to see you again and spend some time spoiling your (OUR!) little girl some more.  :o)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Any guesses?

These are the ingredients for the dessert that I'm making Johnny for Father's Day.

Mysterious, eh?

If it turns out, I'll post pics later this week and share...fingers crossed!


Friday, June 18, 2010

About 10 days ago I received another little box in the mail.
I've been so very busy that it's taken me this long just to download the pics from my camera!
I love boxes.
Especially when they're addressed to MEEEEEE!!!

I'll bet you're wondering, "What are those strange green sticks for, Brenda?"


Well.....I said the exact words myself.


Because I talk to myself all the time. Because I'm crazy like that. Don't judge me.


Well, HELLO LITTLE FELLA! What are you doing in there?
Come on out. Don't be afraid!


There you go, nice & slow...good job!
Welcome to the world you mysterious little creatures.
Let me flip you over so the blood doesn't rush to your itty bitty heads.


There. Oh Gosh! you are beautiful! I'm so proud to be your Bug Mama!


xoxoxo  I love you already  xoxoxo


Aaawwww, you have your Daddy's eyes....
That's the way he looks when he sees Indian food or chocolate cake.


So delicate and tiny. So perfect.


Aha! Now I get it.


What an amazing idea! Must've been a very, very clever person to dream this up...
"Someone" must also know how much I love dragonflies  :o)


I have the perfect place for you two beauties, somewhere where I can look at you every day.

I can tell you are going to make me smile everytime we make eye contact.
Either that or I'll think of Indian food and chocolate cake and be all hungry.
Must. Not. Think. Like. That. Stop. It. Crazy. Brenda.
Thank you, little box, I was so surprised that you came and it made me feel very speical.
Thank you, Jack ~ AKA "Father in Law of most Incredible Talents!!" ~ for thinking of me and brightening my day-life-world. Your glass work is wonderous and I can't wait to learn from you someday. I love, love, love my new little bugs.
I am so spoiled rotten and I'm not complaining ONE BIT.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

For the first time in my life I want a camper. A big, giant PINK camper.

I can just see us driving around the U.S. with the girls in this beauty!

Johnny, whatcha think? Haha! I love it!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear Mr. Elliptical Trainer, I hate you. See you tomorrow. Love, Brenda

35 of the looooooooooooongest minutes of my life...just me and my Jock Jams.

An hour of Oprah never seems this long.

And by the way, if you think for ONE mintute I'm gonna believe that I only burned 360 calories in my 35 hellish minutes you've got another thing coming, Mr. Eliptical!! I sweated so much that I'm practically thin as a Fall leaf laying here on the kitchen floor, dehydrated beyond recognition; practically a waif! I'm positive that I burned AT LEAST an entire day's worth of calories!

Don't lie to meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

I can't move.