Thursday, March 10, 2011

PVT Josh Davis, Graduation ~ The 3rd generations

Yay, He did it!

I am so proud to share with everyone that Josh graduated boot camp & advanced infantry training on March 4th!!! We got to spend several wonderful days with him at Ft. Benning, GA. The 198th Infantry Brigade put on a very impressive ceremony at the National Infantry Museum and I enjoyed the speech from Batallion Commander LTC Hastings, quite memorable.

At Josh's repeated requests, Johnny dug his uniform out of retirement to wear ONE LAST time for the ceremony. He was thankful (and proud) that it still fit after 4 years! He did say not to make him laugh or he'd have a problem, haha!

3 generations of military in our family: Left to Right: Allen/Dad (Air Force), Josh (Army), Johnny/Step Dad (Navy, Ret.), My Dad Jerry/Grandpa (Army, Ret. Master Sergeant).

I have plenty of pictures to share in the coming weeks of the ceremonies and of Uchee Creek Campgrounds ... (I took 472 pics & Johnny took 83....umm...and that doesn't count the rest of my familys' cameras AND cell phone pics). I sure have my work cut out for me in creating a memory scrap book for Josh from when he raised his right hand to graduation day. But I can handle it :o)

Can you believe that out of hundreds of photos there is not ONE image of just me and my soldier? And not ONE of Johnny, me & Josh; a family photo. In all of the excitement it didn't occur to me....I am stunned. Oh well. What's a Mama to do now?

Thanks so much for your support everyone!


Wooden Spoon Trick

I've always wished that I could pull practical jokes on people. I'm not a funny person, I don't think. I inevidabley ruin the punch lines of every joke I try to repeat.

I wish I had the ability to have a dead pan poker face when I'm trying to trick someone, but instead, my big, dumb, cheesy grin gives me up within seconds every single I can appreciate this video. It made me laugh so hard, and I can't even understand a single word the guys are saying!! It's probably due to the fact that I have a nearly 20 year old son and this is something he and his friends would do! When Josh sees this I can bet you $100 he will pull this on one of his buddies....