Friday, June 25, 2010

Our little Texas cowgirl

My sister, Kat, and I were having a deep, philosophical discussion about Madison's future this morning via email...

Me: "Oh my God, she is just the cutest little thing!!!"  (I said upon receiving the photo ~ and of course I had to scrapbook it right away)

Kat: "She stands like a cheerleader!"

Me: "She needs to be a cheerleader! She'll be great on our Redskins team!!!"


Kat: "PAH-LEASE, that is a DALLAS Cowboys Cheerleader if I have ever seen one!!

Me: OK....we'll see....when she comes to visit I'll take her to Gold's Gym on Monday nights so that she can meet the girls on her future team. It's a trick. And I'm not afraid to use it ;o) " 

Side note: (The Redskin's cheerleading team works out at Josh's gym on Monday nights ~ another reason Josh loves his job).

Kat: "Well, I HATE the Cowboys, but she LOVES those boots!!"

Me: "So then it's settled. She'll be a Redskins cheerleader and bring some Southern flair to our team!"

Then I decided to Google one of the Redskin performances just to show Kat how great Madison will be as one of OUR cheerleaders and I watched about 63 of these videos...



Where did their clothes go? And what was that little wiggly thing they were doing with their back sides? And where were their clothes? And did you hear the men hoopin' and hollarin' at them gals?

What happened to the cute outfit, some colorful, poofy pom-poms and a little "Action! Action! We want Action! A-C-T!!! [pom, pom, pom, kick] I-O-N!!! [pom, pom, pom, kick] Action! Boys! Action!"

And where were their clothes?

Nooooooo.....not gonna happen. Hands off, gentlemen. My protective Aunt gear is going on and you don't wanna mess with me.

Kat, Madison is just fine looking sweet and perfect in her little dress and cowboy boots. My cheerleader visions just blew up before my very eyes. No cheerleading tryouts should have to include 2 years of pole dancing experience and to be able to fit into your childhood Barbie dolls' clothing...when Madison turns 13 we will be locking her in her room until she's 34. Agreed?

There. I feel much better now.


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Anonymous said...

Obviously, you and Kat have not figured out the best plan....the one that I'll be using with Sophia. In a few years, we are moving to Italy. We'll find a villa right next door to a convent. When Soph's about 9 or 10, we'll send her next door to work with the Nuns. At 13, she'll begin the process of taking her vows and by 19 or so, she'll be MARRIED TO GOD. Alan and I will live next door and make pasta, brew wine and squeeze olive oil for the nuns and everyone will be happy happy. No yucky boys, no "sexting", no pole dancing or makeout sessions to deal with.... I'll say it again, MARRIED TO GOD. You and Kat can feel free to bring Madison along once we get settled.....