Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 365: Jan 23 ~ Jan30

I can't believe another week has come and gone! I'm sitting here doing tons of laundry (how do two people wear so many clothes?!?) & waiting for my Sunday call from Josh. I'm so excited! He said last week (we got our first call 3 weeks after he left for advanced boot camp) that his drill sergeants were going to allow him a call home every Sunday from now on. I sure hope he calls soon! The day passes very, very slowly when I'm staring at the clock every 10 minutes.....

I have an exciting week ahead. Book Club is going to be at an Indian Restaurant so that we can get the "feel" for the book being set in India. I can't wait. I have a tea with the Army wives and a field trip to Andrews Air Force Base to tour Air Force 2, the Vice President's Plane. How cool is that? I'm going to have a fun time with my camera this week!

Meanwhile, I'm plugging away with my Project 365 ~

Jan 23
{My charm bracelet} Overjoyed today! After 3 weeks, we finally got a phone call from our son who's in boot camp. He sounded well ~ happy & healthy and seems to be enjoying himself, his environment & his training. We are so proud of him. It was wonderful to hear his voice xoxoxo. I used my new crackle texture on this image.

Jan 24
In my next life, can I please be the food photographer for Wegman's Menu Magazine, Dear Lord? In the meantime, I'll keep practicing. Amen.

Jan 25
Today I was looking for "repeating patterns" for my P365 theme and though this wasn't exactly what I had in mind I was stopped dead in my tracks at Wegman's grocery store by these adorable little faces begging all passers by "pleeeeease take me home." They made me smile so I took them home. All of them. In a photograph, at least  ;o)

Jan 26
This is our day on the East Coast. Add cold to this and you have the whole picture. It just turned from rain, to sleet to snow all in the period of 1/2 hour so I'm betting tomorrow's P365 image will have some white stuff in it!  :o)

Jan 27
I thought I'd have a gorgeous snow photo for my P365 today, but instead it's just a big, slushy mess outside. We got several inches, but now it's all melting.

As I was standing on my deck I noticed that the ice on our peach tree is finally melting....and that the tree is budding ??? I repeat ??? It's confused. So am I.

Jan 28
I caught my sweet little Peanut day dreaming today. She was adorable wrapped up in her warm blanket, staring out through the large bay window watching the snow fall. She seemed hypnotized by the pretty white stuff falling softly to the ground. Too cute ♥

Jan 29
Today's P365 theme: RED. I thought it would be so hard to challenge myself with a red theme just two days after a big snow storm....and then I stepped outside and saw the holly bush covered in snow in my driveway, ha! I forgot about that. But lucky for me, had it not been for this bush, you'd be looking at a photo of a stop sign right now.

Jan 30
My silly Chihuahua Peanut. My husband is holding her for me so that I can cut her nails. She's trying to pull her little paws as close to her body as she can to keep them away from me. Poor thing, they are so long, but we put it off as long as possible since she acts like we are torturing her to death when we trim them. I'm surprised the neighbors haven't called the cops on us with all the screetching & carrying on she does. Lordy....all that drama coming out of a 5 pound dog. We always feel like we need a drink when it's all over with.


My project 365 is the one thing that gets my mind off of feeling anxiety about Josh being gone. Every day gets easier and every day that I get a letter from him makes me realize that he's settling into his new life and is doing very well. I'm extremely proud of him.

If you have any Project 365 ideas let me know!! Leave me a message in the comments section below or on Facebook. Give me a shout out ~ A color! A word! A mood! A theme! An item......I'll see if I can accept the challenge....Rated PG please....achem....Kat. Haha. I know you!

My boy still hasn't called, but Johnny's tummy is a grumbling and my laundry is calling me so I'll bid you all adieu and get on with my evening. Hugs & kisses!!


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