Friday, January 14, 2011

Been SO busy!

I am all talked out. Seriously, I have tons ~ and I do mean TONS ~ of images on my camera still stuck in there from Christmas! And I will get them blogged......some day....

The issue is that I'm writing Josh every day, trying hard to get him letters for "mail call," and I'm all talked out by the end of it. Can you believe it? MEEEE??? Talked out, ha! I know, that's hilarious. But, for once in my life, it's happened.

Silence is golden, right? I'm trying to convince myself of that. Once boot camp is over I will pour my lil 'ol chatter box self back into these spaces again. Don't worry about me. I'm here! I'm well! I'm counting down the days to graduation!

I'm enjoying my Project 365 ~ the link is on the side of my blog in the Project 365 button---->

I just had to share two of my P365 images of my girls with you before I dart off on errands. Peanut & Piper make me smile and laugh out loud every day and bring me so much joy. Dogs do that so effortlessly, don't they? You dog people will understand..........

Jan 13

My Peanut actually "smiles!" Yes, she does. I see it. You see it too, I know you do.
I'm not crazy. Sometimes you can even see her little teeth and it cracks me up.

Jan 11

My sweet Piper, on the other hand, doesn't smile at all. Ever. She has the cutest pouty face ever. She always looks like someone just stole her chewey. Awww...

And I love her button nose  xoxo

Now, if the weather doesn't clear up soon, my Project 365 pics are going to be of every part of my dogs and they are going to run away from home!! They see me creeping up to them with my camera and I can almost here them saying, "UGH, 'she' comes again....quick, look like you're sleeping maybe she'll go away."

I haven't taken today's image and they are looking darling laying side by side on their hot pad..........

Have a wonderful weekend everyone  :o)


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