Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ode to the "Remote Start"

Dear God, save me. What the heck is that white stuff....What is its purpose and why are you doing this to me??? And why must I see my breath outside when I speak, it's not natural. Why are there UGGS on my feet and not flip flops? I think I've gone to Hell and by the way: Hell hath frozen over.

Just a teensy bit self absorbed today, I'll admit.

3/4 inches. That's plenty for me.

3/4 inches. That's plenty for me. I'm so over winter. And it's only January 8th. OMG...Johnny's outside clearing the drive and steps. He doesn't mind. Besides, if I'm out there with him he has to hear me grumble and mention the always perfect weather in San Diego about 482 times so it's not worth it (we lived there when we were newlyweds for 18 perfect, glorious months).

Every winter, ALL winter, I complain. Happily, though. Usually he gets smacked with a big snowball upside the head then I go in and make hot cocoa. I love him. He loves me. It's the way we roll. I hate being cold. I mean....He hates to cook. So I cook! What's wrong with this picture?!?

That's why the best thing that's ever happened to me since we moved here 9 years ago is the intallation of REMOTE STARTS in both of our cars. That's what we got each other for Christmas this year (Translation: He went out of town for a week and I took both cars into the Toyota dealer and had remote starts installed and then wrapped the receipts up under the tree for him to open Dec. 25) and screamed Merry Christmas Honey! Excited?   :o/

I blame Josh. He knew about it so that makes him my accomplice. Does a good Mom blame her only child in matters of remote starts? He's not even here to defend himself....YES. She. Does. He could've stopped me. He has muscles. Really big muscles! But he didn't so we're in this together. Arms linked, undivided & broke.

So now there is NO grumbling before we head out on errands because we use our key fob and go CLICK from our kitchen window and the car starts VA-ROOM!! and in 10-15 minutes when we leave the car is toasty warm. Nirvana!

Secret to a happy marriage. Remote Start!

Happy wife. Happy life. That's Johnny's motto! I love him. He loves me. That's the way we roll. Only now we roll around pre-heated!

Toasty, warm, happy wife in Virginia


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