Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Friday!

Jan 7

Day 7, Project 365 ~ Gloomy, dark, dreary day today. Headache....I rarely ever get them. Ouch. Staying in all day. Loved the lines in the window & the dragonfly makes me yearn for Spring. Guess I've got a long winter ahead!

Know what made me feel better and even smile a little, despite my headache? The next 3 pictures...

Johnny took these pics of me and GI Josh right before we took our soldier to the bus station.
Oooobviously, getting goodbye kisses from his Mama are something he really looks forward to. Duh.

And making a manly rough & tough Rambo face makes getting "said kisses from Mama" more macho.

What a cutie pie  :o)      {{{proud Mama}}}

I think I have to put that last one in a frame....and on my iPad. And on my iTouch. And on my blackberry....and in my Facebook album. And on a billboard staple gun'd to my garage door and I'll give everyone a magnet......And.....what?!? I said I was proud!

Get used to it.

Or I'll just make a scrapbook page.

Poor kid. This is what happens when you're an only child.


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Anonymous said...

I LOVE it...make me a copy for my fridge!! :)