Thursday, January 6, 2011

I met my girlfriends at Panera Bread today for lunch to launch my new "Movie Club." I've been wanting to start this club for 3 years now and for the most part me and my girlfriends have been going to shows about once a month anyway, but I wanted to make a concerted effort to PLAN a movie day. I just needed to get out of this house and out of my own head. So it was a good excuse and a good day to start. The beginning of the year....the beginning of a new social club.

Why not?

Jan 6

This counter is always so pretty. It reminds me of the bakery windows in Germany. And the smells.....oh, I wish this pic could be a scratch and sniff  ;o)  You'd fall over.

We had a yummy lunch together then walked across to the movie theater to see The Kings Speech. The movie is the story of King George VI (Queen Elizabeth's Father) who had a life long speech impediment that he had to overcome after he became King of England so that he could address the country. Great movie! I didn't think I'd like it as much as I did ~ 2 thumbs up! 5 stars! Go see this movie.

Yay for our first Movie Club! I'm excited to plan the next one in a month, hee-hee.

Other than that.......writing my letter to Josh. I'll write him every day while he's in training. Again. Oh.. Don't get me started. Plastering a smile on my face....I'm trying. Movies help. My girlfriends help. And my hubby...he's just so sweet, loving, caring & gives good hugs. He gets it. Our nest is empty and he feels it too.

Tons of laundry helps. Cooking helps. I'm making pasta carbonara tonight ~ CARBS help! So much for my new years diet plan.


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