Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Anyone who knows me knows that I hate being cold more than anything. I'd rather fly around the world than be cold (I hate flying). I realize "hate" is a strong word and I don't use it often, but in this case....it applies. Sorry. But it does.

This is our grill cover.

{{I maaaay have mentioned moving to San Diego once or twice (or 6x) as I peeked outside this morning}}

We had an ice storm over night and there are literally ice crystals laying on the surface of everything in my world right now.

My cold, cold world.

Add to that 1/2 inch of ice.

Every branch, every old leaf, every stick and dormant blade of grass is encased in ice.

It's magical and haunting.

Breathtaking & surreal.

It's as if the Earth has been dipped in shellac.

Isn't this amazing?  Are you cold yet?

Today's Project 365 photo. Pretty much sums up my day.

As, achem...."big boned" as I am ....my body chills so quickly, my spine actually starts to ache. But, admittedly, my little 10 minute field trip to my court yard was stunning and exhilarating. I was speechless (and that doesn't happen often, trust me). The only sound outside was the sound of my camera shutter firing and it seemed to echo down the street.

Johnny spent 1 1/2 hours mid morning chipping ice off the front steps and (his) windshield. He actually went to work!!even though all our schools are closed today. Do you think that qualifies him as a workaholic? Just asking. He'd have been faster going in on ice skates.

Me, on the other hand, will spend the day doing laundry and having a PJ Day. Coffee pot is on and I'm staying put!

I'll be pretending I live in San Diego.........


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Anonymous said...

Brenda...I'm soooo glad you took those photos. I was standing outside this morning wishing and hoping someone could capture the winter wonderland.... It's cold and hazardous, but it sure is pretty!