Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Empty Nest, take 2

Late last night we took G.I. Josh to the Greyhound bus station so that he could get back to his duty station.

He was ready and he was not ready at the same time. A mixed bag of emotions after being home for 18 days.

Jan 3

I'm never ready. I miss him so much I feel as if my heart is cracked open.

FX PhotoStudio Image

I got used to him being here again. His messy bedroom. His messy bathroom.

His dirty dishes in the sink from his late nights when I get up the next morning.

FX PhotoStudio Image

His laugh. His bald head. His relationship with Peanut (she loves him madly!)

His "I'm all grown up now" attitude while he ate Captain Crunch cereal and watched The Cartoon Network  :o)

Jan 4

I'll be back on track tomorrow, I'm sure of it, but today I just can't help myself. I'm deeply sad. I'm missing my boy so much. The goodbye last night was brutal. So much harder than the first time and I felt miserable letting him go. Why is that? I don't get it. I thought it was supposed to get easier.

So today was my pity party. One attendee, 2 chihuahuas, one couch, the TV, a box of chocolates & my sweet tea. True story. Tomorrow is a new day; time to get on with things and skip and dance through my life again. I feel lucky that I have my husband & son, lots of friends, family & health (and puppies!) and that life is good. Tomorrow. Not today. Tomorrow.

I'll be back on track tomorrow.

Thanks for listening.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda,
The photo of Josh leaving is probably the best photo I've been privileged to view. It is suitable for framing. You did a professional job on that on little girl.