Friday, April 23, 2010



I have been soooo impatient ( for my baby birdies to yesterday I posted that photo telling them to HURRY UP already!

And guess what??.....
{{{big smiles & even clapping a little}}}

On my way out the door to meet Johnny for dinner, I peeked into the nest to see how my 5 little eggs were doing, for the 367th time this week....but this time something actually startled me for a second. I froze in my tracks and nearly screamed.


This time I saw fuzz!
Two eggs had hatched were replaced with the cutest fuzz you've ever seen in your life.


I wasn't exactly "in love" yet because they look a little bit like shrimp and I really, REALLY dislike shrimp. And when Josh came home we both stared into the nest while Mama birdie was off getting food and all he could say was, "Wow, they're pretty damned ugly." I have the most sensitive child.


I'm not sure which end is which, but seriously ~ I know it's a bird, but tell me you don't see an arm and a leg and the tiniest bald head.

Alright, all of my Mommy defenses are up now. I have 2 babies and 3 eggs, no one had better mess with our front door. I will cause some serious pain to anyone who threatens my babies, Josh included. This is one thing I know for certain.

I just hope they get a little bit cuter, it's hard having ugly babies...but that's okay. Maybe they are just a pile of fuzz that only a mother can love, but they're MY pile of fuzz.

Come on you other three!! We're waiting anxiously for you!!


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