Saturday, May 1, 2010

I just wanted to give an update on my little birds living in my wreath. First, let me explain. There was so much poop around them and their nest that I felt it necessary to "burn" or edit the poop away. It was for your own protection, and for the love of your appetite today. Trust me. You'll thank me later.


So all of the stark black is actually burned poop. Joy.


I don't know how these little cuties do it all day. Laying there so precious....with their faces in poop. I know, I'm saying poop a lot these days. My family is getting sick of looking at it. So am I, quite frankly. But for the love of our children, we put up with poop, don't we? I had just thought those days were over for me, that's all. Boy was I ever mistaken.


There's the birds' Mom or Dad, can't tell, staring at me. Giving me the stink eye (haha, punny!) so that if I hurt her/his babies he/she will violently peck my brains out.

Yeah, whatever, missy/mister! I'm not gonna hurt OUR babies. And let me tell you one thing....My house may be cluttered and messy, but my Joshie never laid in his bed with poop in his face! So there! So beat it.

Oh! And one more, You....BIRD! I hope when these kiddos fly off that YOU will be helping me with the water hose and chisel to scrape their "left overs" off my glass door and that you include a gift card for a brand new Winter wreath in my Christmas basket! A little more appreciation please...


I mean, look at them. All 5 are drowning in their own.....(I won't say it again, I promise). I still have to eat my lunch. 

Thank God they still have those fuzzy little mohawks that just melt my heart. I can't stand it! They're so stinking cute! Haaaaaaar......punny.

This has been a fast, fast week! Johnny and I both got to talk to Gram and hear her sweet voice. We got to tell her how much we love her and miss her and it did so much for our souls.

At the end of Johnny's conversation Gram said, "Be sure to tell Brenda that I love her and that if you two come to visit me I will take you to eat in our (nursing home) cafeteria and I'll pay. It'll be my treat." How cute is that? I mean, I'm still giggling about it. Gram, we would love to take you up on that offer. We would treasure being treated to lunch by you    XOXOXOXO


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