Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Christmas Bell

A few days ago Johnny & I took down our Christmas decorations. While we were puzzling everything into boxes I came across this little gold bell. 

The little red ribbon got me thinking.......hmmm..........

Oh Mommy..........Noooooo...........

Sorry, Peanut. But you look so cute!

Ok. My mommy has officially "lost her mind" I can't even look at the camera.

This is so humiliating.

Even Piper is wondering "What the heck Dad?"

Maybe the earth will open up and swallow me whole. I'm running away.

Piper, I swear if you don't stop laughing I'm gonna......

Peanut, don't be mad at me, Sweetheart. Just let me take your picture. Come on....

"I'm. Not. Liking. You. Very. Much. Right. Now."

Seriously, Peanut. One picture......I'LL GIVE YOU A TREAT!!

TREAT?! OK, one picture. Then I'm out of here.

Pipers got the bell on! HAHAHA!! See ya!


"I'm. Not. Liking. You. Very. Much. Right. Now."

C'mon, Dad, seriously?  {{{HELP!}}}

Daddy to the rescue. Can I get just ONE shot of my Minnie Mouse?

Piper, I mean it! Stop laughing! Geesh. This is humiliating enough.

Maybe if I sit really, really still and don't make eye contact she'll take the picture and go away.

Really, really still..........

I'm pretending this is not


Oh Minnie you are the sweetest thing!  You look so cute in your little bell!

No, Mommy, no, no, no, no. I'm calling puppy protective services on you!

Wait a minute....didn't you offer Peanut a treat for a picture? Hmmm? Didn't you?

Gee, Minnie, you don't have give me the stink eye. Ok, Ok. Fine. I'll give you treats.

That's my purdy girl. You can have all the treats you want.

P.S. I love your crazy hair, Minnie.

Eat your heart out Farah Faucett.

.....and do you want to know what was REALLY going on in Peanut's head?

It's not pretty......

And she seems so harmless...

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