Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Look what Johnny learned!

I love it when Johnny has time to "play in the garage."  That's what he calls his time at his lathe, turning pens.  Johnny looooooves to make pens.  He was jealously telling me a story about a man he heard of that has made over 10,000 pens.  This made Johnny's eyes water a little bit.  He can get pretty emotional about pens.

Aaaanyway.  Johnny spent an hour or so watching a "how to" video on Youtube and then bolted out of the room like there were ants in his pants yelling something about seeing me at suppertime because he HAD to go make some pens.  (No matter where he is in a project, he always seems to find me at suppertime.  Not sure why).

Two hours later he appeared with a huge smile on his face and this ~

A piece of wood

But not just any piece of wood

(Sweetheart, we have to buy you some lotion. I'm just saying...)

Can you see it?

How about now? 

It's spiraled!  And MY husband did this!

Would you like to see what the face of a very happy man looks like?

Do you?

Really?  I'm warning you, the happy factor is extremely high...

Ok....you asked for it.....

Here we go!


I, John Jorgensen, Jr., made this piece of wood.

And some day I'm going to make another one like it and I will put glitter in the grooves. 

(I'm not joking ~ he said "glitter" ~ a Navy man said glitter!)

I love this picture. My husband is overjoyed. I actually want to break this picture down for you...

Please see exhibit "A"

The actual piece of wood that will some day grow up to become a pen.
(after some sanding, Johnny wants me to add)

Exhibit "B"

My husband is only happy when he's surrounded by pens.  Preferably pens that he made.

Exhibit "C"

"That happy, happy face!"

This is the face of a man who loves to create & when he's happy, I'm happy.

By the way, I think he super cute & pretty dreamy.  I love you, Johnny.

By the way, your girl Piper thinks you're handsome, also.  I caught her day dreaming about you today.  It's OK, I'm not jealous.  I know you're my man.  And I'm SO proud of you for what you're learning, sweetheart.

Now....for the CNC router!  Hurry up and buy it already, I can't wait to see what kind of pens you'll create with that cool machine.  Now I'm off to cook you a good chicken supper.  I know you'll find me.  You always do.


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