Saturday, January 9, 2010

People who wear rose colored glasses see more!

People  >>>like me<<<  who wear rose colored glasses see more!! It's a PROVEN fact and I have documentation to back me up. If it's in a scientific study, it must be true, right? Even if it WAS in Toronto, so what? Toronto is cool. Literally. I would like to go there some day. Oh, what was I saying? YES! The scientific study! Now hear this:

Us peeps in pink shades process a greater number of objects in our environment, we see the "whole/big picture." We see more details and we gather and process way more information than negative people.

“Good moods enhance the literal size of the window through which we see the world."

The down side, hee-hee, is that we are much more easily distracted.....what was I saying? Look! Something shiny!!

It's said that people who wear rose colored glasses should not have jobs that "require critical focus."  Squirrel!! What's on Oprah today? .....such as operating dangerous machinery or airport screening of passenger baggage.

Bad moods, on the other hand, may keep us more narrowly focused. So grouchy ass people really ARE narrow & closed minded idiots -- oops, sorry. I mean, fools. Sorry, again. I get carried away.

I love my rose colored glasses. I'm going to keep them. And I won't be operating any construction cranes or surgical laparoscopic equipment any time soon. Does a snow blower count? I'm really in the market for one and we've checked at Sears and Home Depot for prices...and...oops, I did it again. Went into my "big picture" mode...I'm blaming it on the pink shades.

Fascinating!  Here's the article ~~

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