Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sophia came to visit us again

I always wanted a daughter of my very own. We would shop together, get our nails & hair done together, go to movies, have luncheons, get pedicures and buy lots & lots of cute shoes and handbags, talk about boys and be all girly....ah, yes....sorry, I get carried away.

Oh well. I still love my boy to death. But when I get the chance to have a girly girl in the house, I pounce like a wild animal. It's kind of scary.

Sophia is my friend Lori's daughter. She's 20 months old and such a joy to spend time with. OK, so maybe she's not quite ready to go get pedicures with me (just yet), but she makes me laugh out loud and her miniature view of the world is refreshing. We just play and play and play. And giggle. A lot.

I told the girls that Sophia was coming and they (especially Peanut) got so excited they stood by the door and waited for her to arrive.

To say that Peanut loves her is an understatement.

The girls waited patiently for Sophia to arrive

Minnie just wanted me to promise her that another dog wasn't coming to live with us

At last Sophia arrived & Peanut was overjoyed

The girls guarded her fiercly

Sophia loved it!

Didn't you, Sophia?

She is such a little angel

....and a little Rascal!

Peanut wouldn't leave her side

Even when Sophia was filling her crate with toys

I never figured out what the toys did to deserve such punishment & exile

I wish I had the energy of a 20 month old

Peanut wanted to keep her. Or maybe she just wanted the yellow ball.

We colored...

....on our hands...It's OK, Sweetie, it will come off...

We ate pens (What? I'm not perfect)...

We contemplated the meaning of life...

We confused Johnny (he's not so good with shapes)...

We wore Brenda's house shoes (some big shoes to fill, huh, Sophie?)

We compared socks...

And we ate lots...and lots...and lots...

of lasagna!

Don't look at my messy kitchen. I said DON'T LOOK! Geesh.

Speaking of lasagna...

THIS is what Lori brought over when she dropped Sophia off!!

Yes, we can be bribed with food. It was scrumptious. I think Johnny wants to marry her now.


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