Friday, March 12, 2010

How lucky am I?

{{{Oh Wait...I'm not allowed to ruin my father in law's long standing reputation for being a tough, rusty, strong, macho & mean curmudgeon. In no way am I allowed to mention that he's a handsome, loving, kind, thoughtful, generous, talented father in law ~ that simply must be a figment of my imagination}}}

He's a mean one. Yes, he is! You do not want to mess with him.

If you see him coming, you'd better run, not walk, to the other side of the street. Fast.

This is how horrible he is ~

He recently sent me THESE beautiful pieces of hand made glass jewelry.

The nerve of him!

(The cute little green shamrock earrings were covered in plastic to protect them in shipping and I was too beside myself to take the wrappings off before I snapped a photo.)

See what I have to put up with?

Heart earrings! A sure sign of a mean spirit, right?

(I've already worn them twice! God, they're adorable!)

And a hand made four leaf lucky clover pendant for St. Patty's Day  :o)

Gosh, the abuse I suffer from the men in this family. It's never ending!

(Am I doing a good job, Jack?)

I will be wearing my lucky four leaf clover to the St. Patty's Day dance Saturday night.

What a father in law I have. Does all this for me? I don't deserve it. I'm very blessed.

I'm so lucky to have the meanest father in law in the world.

(Thank you, Jack)

And if that weren't enough. Look at what my husband made for me at his recent class at Woodcraft!

Jack, it looks as if Johnny is a chip off the old block, huh?

Johnny is still going to stain them dark chocolate and put a finish on them.

(I love them Johnny, thank you, you did a wonderful job! xoxo)

And you're a great big, tough, macho man, yes, you are!

Gosh...two meanies in the family.

I'll take it! 

I pray that it rubs off on Josh.


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