Thursday, March 25, 2010

I got myself a little prezzy today!  Well, actually it's not for's for my Nikon.   :o)

Is this not the cutest camera strap?!?

Say YES or you can't be my friend. Just lie to me. I don't care.

The fabric is called HAPPY DAISIES. Too sweet!

The camera below is my Nikon! See Johnny? It was meant to be! I'm always looking for a positive sign  ;o)

What I love is that it has quick release straps so you can get rid of the annoying little booger when you use a tripod.

Sorry, it was very difficult calling something with the name "Happy Daisies" an annoying little booger. But I had to. I didn't even know how to spell booger (and that's probably not such a bad character flaw). I had to Google it.

And by the way, when you Google booger, you get all sorts of information that is NOT very helpful to your well being and may even leave you a little bit damaged ~ such as: Boogers are mucus (myoo-kuss). Mucus is the thin, slippery material that is found inside your nose. Many people call mucus snot.

SMACK! What the heck is wrong with you, Brenda!! I tried to tell ya, I'm going koo-koo. Sorry, I digress. 

Away with the boogers, it's Happy Daisy time!

My personality wanted to go with the black and white with a small splash of red.

BUT I'm so ready for Spring and I neeeeeeeeded the Happy Daisies.   Here's the Etsy store where I got my strap. She also makes point and shoot camera straps. 

I joined Etsy a few months back and love it. It's free! Go to and check it out - it's a personal spot where you buy and sell everything handmade. And I mean everything.

I love to support fellow crafters and entrepreneures. Did I spell that word right? I had to Google it - although, this time it was not so disturbing. I promise not to talk about boogers again. Promise. Pinky swear. But at least I know how to spell it (them?) now!


And while we're on the subject of shopping.....the pendant that I ordered arrived while I was in Texas.  I'm a sucker for Abalone shell and this one was featured on QVC for Silver Day (I got it on sale!). It's the only thing I got, I was a good girl. It's bold, about 3" round, .925 sterling silver and completely artisan (hand) crafted.

It's not 20% off anymore  :o(   Sorry, but it's so stunning on a collar, I just wanted to share. I have little shell earrings to match. OR you can just wear silver hoops. Fun, fun, fun summer jewelry! I'm ready!!!


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