Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our house is a happier house now.

Can you tell why?


You can't?

Oh come on.......

Look again. It's sooooo obvious!


Now can you tell? See the difference compared to our neighbor's? 
Ours is the red brick townhouse on the right.

OK, fine, I'll tell you. WE GOT NEW GUTTERS! And downspouts! Hollah!

In the "HOA approved" color WICKER!

And they're 6" instead of 3". That's gutter speak for giant thickly awesomeness.

AND, nooooo we didn't stop there....we got GUTTER CAPS too!

Wow, where does all of this crazy excitement end?

Uh-uh, get your mind out of the gutter!!!

I couldn't wait to use that line. Because I'm a dork.

Sorry. Thanks for listening.

The girls were scared to death! This is how I found them, huddling together & so confused.

Moooommmy.......Wut dat scaiwy noize on da woooof?

That's how they talk. Really!


So handsome, yet sad & pitiful, husband (who is very, Very, VERY proud of his new gutters) is doing the rain dance so that he can "opt test" his new sparking, capped, wicker colored gutters.

He's still doing the snow dance so that he can use his still shining new snow blower! Rest assured....there will be no snow until 2015.
Meet Johnny's new 250 pound baby ----> HERE <---

And now that we got new gutters we are assured NO RAIN for a month. Thank you, Sweetheart.


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