Thursday, March 18, 2010

I just wanted to check in and say HI! Josh and I are having a great time in Texas, though it seems as if I brought the bad weather with us. Rainy & flip flops aren't happy. It's actually warmer in Virginia than it is here and Johnny loves to rub it in!

Last night Kat, John and Madison drove up to Killeen and we had a fun family dinner. Dad threw some chicken fresh corn on the grill and even made us a cake! It was so yummy. We all ate until our tummys hurt. Thanks for the nice dinner Dad, we had a great time!

Today was the first nice-ish day we've had. Josh and Madison got to go on a test ride on my Dad's new motorcyle. We call it the "Frankencycle." Dad built it by hand, patiently assembling all of the parts (Do you recognize the back end of a VW Beatle?) and after nearly 15 months he brought it home from the shop this week. It still has to be painted SALSA RED and the upholstry needs sewn on. But it's definitely nearing completion.

Have fun you guys!

There they go....

Here they come...

Looks like the new bike works just fine!

I can't believe Dad built that bike from scratch. It's going to look awesome once it's painted.

Josh & his Grandpa

Madison & Josh have been getting a lot of bonding time, she is practically glued to his side. Shelby arrived today so the rest of the week will be filled with lots of giggles, I'm sure. I'll be sure to take pictures!


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