Saturday, March 6, 2010

The other day Josh called me and asked me if I'd go with him to his physical training (PT) at the recruiting center. I know better to think that my son wants me to "go with him," anywhere. I knew what he really meant was that he was out of gas. Puh-leeeeeze, son, you can't fool me!

So I said OK.

When we got there, Josh got out of the car, told me to park and come on in, I could sit on the couch and watch TV - it's a 2 hour wait. Remember that on Mother's Day, Josh.

When I got inside the Marine Corps office it was crowded! There must've been 9 or 10 other young men that had showed up for PT that day just sitting around on the floor, couches & chairs, plus all of the recruiters. That's unusual.

A Marine asked me what he could do for me and I just stood there. That's when I heard a young man's call out, "That's my mom." I realized that it was Josh who had spoken up. {{I'm shocked}} Really?

Wow....I got a "That's my mom." MY son said that? Out loud! In front of other young men! Out in public! And he didn't even look over at me and roll his eyes! I looked at him to see how embarrassed and red he would be, but he just looked pretty normal. What had just happened?

I have to mention this because it was a teensy moment for me. I can't even explain it. If you're a mom of a teenager, you understand. Enough said. It was my first public "That's my mom" without added sarcasm and utter humiliation. I loved it!! So I took my big, goofy grin out to my car to sit and wait (and eat Kat's carrot birthday cake - super yummy, btw).

This is the center that Josh goes to twice a week ~ it's in a super secret location.

I'm not allowed to tell you because it's a breach of national security.

The Marine Eagle, Anchor & Globe ~ Ooh-RAH!

The Army & Air Force ~ Hooah! & Go on off into the Wild Blue Yonder!  ?

Seriously ~ after I snapped these few pics a security guy in a suit came up to me in the parking lot and flashed his badge at me through my closed window. Just as I was about tell him all about my new camera he said, "Would you please roll your window down Ma'am!" 


Why are you taking pictures of the recruiting center?


What business are you conducting around here? 


You do realize why I'm asking you these questions, don't you?


Recruiting centers are a high risk to acts of terrorism and we don't allow people to take photos of the outside of the building without checking it out. 

Huh?     (Where did you even come from?)

You know? People can stake out the area and then come back and bomb the building.


What are you going to do with these pictures?

Oh! Now I know...I get it! Oh no....hahahahahaaaaa, no waaay! Not ME. I love the military! And I would never bomb a building! Geez...........can I take your picture? No? Okey-dokey.

The pictures Ma'am?

Haha, haha ha they're for my son's scrap book page! He's going to be a MARINE!! He's in there now doing PT. I'm just out here waiting for him because I'm his mom and I drove him. He's joining the Marine Corps! He's at PT...

Seriously ~ That's how it went down. I guess he figured that I was harmless because he went next door to the (super secret restaurant) and sat down with some super secret buddies to eat his super secret food. 

He kept watching me through the window, though. It was like being in an episode of 24! Only I've never really heard Jack Bauer say the words "scrapbook page" in an episode, but you never know. He's very secure in himself.

So I sat in my car taking NO MORE pictures of the super secret building....well....that is....until....

Here they come, our future Marines running around the corner and there's Josh!

Can you see him? In the back?

See him? The bald kid in the back? A head? A leg?

Sorry, I never know when to let go.

He made it! They did nearly 2 hours of PT. He only has 10 pounds to go to his goal weight!


I'm so proud of him. My boy.

A little blurry, but look at the determination on his face. Love it.

When we sped off I told Josh the whole incident about the man, the badge, the ugly confrontation, my camera, my explanation about his scrapbook page...."WHAT?!?" and then: "Oh God, Mom, seriously? That's so freaking embarrassing."

So that teensy moment in the recruiting office? Very short lived.  

I went home and licked my wounds. Not really. I COOKED!!  Nothing says kiss my grits more than pan seared turkey cutlets and roasted veggies.

I just had to throw a little food into this post. Pictures of food just make me happy :o)

Toss anything you have with some Wegman's Basting Oil (with garlic & herbs), throw it into the oven at 425* for 25-30 minutes and you will hear angels singing when you eat. I promise.


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