Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our version of home made dog food

We spent some time making dog food yesterday. As if we weren't dog crazy enough, we decided a few years ago when that Chinese dog food scare was going on that our pups needed home made dog food. After the scare was over, the dogs let us know in no uncertain terms that we were never going back, so we've been making it ever since. Afterall, we are in charge of things around here. Not.

Besides, I have a great helper and I'll use any excuse to spend time with him.

We go over to Costco and get 3 rotisserie chickens (let Costco cook them!) & a huge 3# bag of fresh broccoli. When I get home I start a pot of  about 3 cups of parboiled rice (less sticky) and peel all of the chicken off the bones. Then I use a steam bag and steam at least 2# of the broccoli.  (I know you are laughing at us, by the way)

After everything cools I just use my handy dandy food processor (my new favorite thing in my kitchen) and blend it all together into something like this:

I spy.....Brenda's new camera in an ice cream scoop.

Then we just do an assembly line of scooping 3 large scoops of chicken food into snack bags.

We get anywhere from 25-29 days made at at time. They all get stacked in large freezer bags and frozen. Every day our little sweethearts get a new packet of fresh chicken, rice & broccoli dinner!  (So how far gone do you think we are now?)

          Look left......                                                        Look right.......

The girls watch us very intently when we're making their puppy food, hoping some morsels might "accidentally" fall to the floor. And we make sure it does  ;o)

Of course it's necessary for them to eat on their own little blue & white Japanese dishes.

Stop laughing. I mean it.

What? That's IT?

Only Minnie never seems to think she gets enough. I was laughing so hard at this expression that I couldn't focus my camera.

So that's it. I've been asked so many times how we make our dog food. It isn't hard but requires about 2 hours. And I know it isn't for everyone, we just feel good giving them a fresh dinner, plus they only eat a large ice cream scoop each so that makes it affordable. They self feed on extra small organic kibbles during the day to keep their teeth strong and add more vitamins, etc. 

I said stop laughing. 

So....still wanna be our friends?


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