Monday, March 8, 2010

Kick up your boxed brownies a notch!

This is something I like to do to make my brownies a little special. Not that kind of "special." I watch the movies, I know what goes on in this world.

No, this just makes ordinary brownie a little more zippy.

This is so crazy-easy. Take your favorite brownie mix, we like the kind with walnuts yum, and fix it according to the package directions. See? No rocket science in my world. 

Then go to Ikea and get their ligonberry preserves, (this one's empty because I just used it all!). It is our favorite preserves. It's tangy, not too sweet. Use a spoon and drizzle it all over the prepared batter like this ~

Not too much is required, maybe 1/4 cup, just enough to dot the batter lightly. You don't have to do anything else. (You can put some in a small glass bowl and heat in the microwave, it makes the preserves a little easier to drizzle).

Now bake according to the package directions and....


The result is ooey-gooey tartness mixed with nutty chocolaty goodness.

For me, the best part of making this quick & easy little dessert is this ~

My happy, happy husband  :o) Who's trying to steal my pan of brownies!

Yes, you are, aren't you, silly guy? (He gets a little crazy around chocolate.)

I swear to you on everything dear to me....

That the only thing in my brownies is Ikea ligonberries!

And might I suggest: the next morning + these brownies + in bed + newspaper + coffee and at least one Chihuahua with her princess blanket looking pitifully at your plate in an attempt to get you to feed her = an amazing breakfast.

We did that yesterday and started our Sunday off with a big smile  :o) 

P.S. This is a public service message:  Dogs canNOT have chocolate in any shape or form. It's lethal to them. None. Period. Don't do it. End of public service message.

So little Peanut got none  :o( 


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