Saturday, March 27, 2010

~ Proof to my sister that I DID go to CVS and buy some Chloraseptic ~

And Jelly Belly's, naturally. I wouldn't have admitted that, but the proof is in the pudding. Oops!


Sick Brenda Picture. Nice, huh?


I went out of my front door this afternoon and was struck by the shocking contrast between the sweet will of Spring against the cold remnants of Winter in the trees.

It's like my forsythia bush was saying, "You go on and be grumpy, you overbearing and cruel trees. You can't intimidate me. It's my time to shine and I'm going to party!"

Go forsythia ~ Party on, Chickie. You'll make the trees jealous and in 2-3 weeks they'll follow suit. Beauty likes company.


Mama Kay's hyacinth garden bloomed this week also so I ran over there to snap a few pics. These beauties don't care one bit that it will be 35 degrees tonight. They're strong. Tomorrow they'll get sunshine and warmth and make all of us giddy with anticipation of the pretty weather and cherry blossom trees still to come. Two more weeks ~ Yay!

I love the Spring. It's natures way of showing us that life must, and will continue. The seasons go on and on in perfect cycle. Night turns to day. Day turns to night. Month after month, everything has it's wonderful moment in time. Daffodils will be popping soon and I'll be there, like a good little stalker.

I'm happy.

Still sick. 

But happy. 



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