Friday, March 26, 2010

My cutie pie husband took half the day off today so that he could take me to the doctor. I have a sore throat. I mean, can't swallow because it feels like there are sushi knives down there! kind of sore.

I decided to sit in the back seat on the ride to the base hospital so that I could get the full "Driving Miss Daisy" experience.

I liked it and I may do this forever.


Johnny called me Daisy all day, he understands me. Afterall I had a sore throat.

But if I sit in the back seat then I can't be the girl that sits up front with him, holding his hand & loving it when he calls me Honeybun. I won't trade that for anything in the world so goodbye Daisy, hello Honeybun!!  Ooh-rah!

Turns out I don't have strep. I have accute laryngitis, a swollen, gross, sore, red throat, no voice, a high whine factor and percoset for my pain, turmoil and anguish. I'll be better soon, but you can still send flowers, Jelly Belly's, candles, the movie "You've Got Mail," Chipotle, red licorice, chocolates and jewelry. But not necessarily in that order.

Shut up Tiffany & Kat.


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