Friday, March 26, 2010

That's my suitcase on the ground - Yup, for almost a week. Whatcha gonna do about it?!?

Piper keeps looking at my pink suitcase to try and make me feel guilty. She doesn't like when things are out of place. Its really bugging her. She wants it to go away. Sadly, I don't share that anxiety.

Go ahead, I say, look at it. I can hold out longer than you can. I can, and probably WILL, leave it there for another week! So there!

I can't be bullied.

OK, maybe I can. She's 6 pounds after all. The biggest of my tribe. And look at that football player neck. She's a brick house! She probably COULD eat me alive and teach me a lesson or two on proper house keeping. And she still has 3 working teeth left in her head that scream, "Don't you be messin wit me Mama!"

Fine, I'll unpack, Miss Piper. But after I get back from my doctors appointment. I may have strep, ugh. I can't swallow and I have NO voice at all anymore. My frwote hurts baaaaad   :o(

Text or email me in the next few days - but don't bother calling, I can't talk. HAHA! Write this one down in the record books, people! Johnny & Josh are thrilled. It's not often that I'm this silent.

Have a great weekend everyone! See ya Monday  :o)

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