Sunday, March 21, 2010

Well that was a fast week!


Josh and I had a fun mini vacation, but it was time for the long flight home.

Johnny just asked me what kind of plane we were in and I said "Two seats on the left side, 3 seats on the right side."  He's shaking his head and laughing. I don't know why.


The storms above Texas were much prettier from 35,000 feet.


Josh was ready to get back to his friends who were texting non-stop awaiting his return.
They had a new PS3 game they had to beat!

I was ready to get back to my Sweetheart and my cute puplettes. I was very homesick.

And as the sun started to set, I was getting butterflies in my tummy. Soon, Johnny! Soon!

I knew Johnny would be at the airport soon to get me! YAY! I hate being apart from him.

I could see how dark it was on the East Coast and we were headed that way!
Fly faster, fly faster! Hurry! Gitty-up!

The world was starting to settle down for the night and cities were lighting up below us.


It wouldn't be long until I was in his loving arms again. Eeew...sappy. I know. Deal with it!

I love D.C. at night time.

The pilot banked hard left and started it's decent. Flight attendants prepare for landing.
As we spiraled downward toward the airport all I could think of was...HOME.
And then....where's my puke bag?

Finally....TOUCHDOWN!  Welcome back ya'll!!
Or as they say on the East Coast "Go Away!"
Kidding. We're nice on this coast.
Sort of.

Pfew! Home safe at last. I'm not a very good traveler, not to mention flyer. I'd rather get root canals - on all teeth! - daily! - for a year! - then to get on a plane. I was glad Josh was with me.....

.....and that the flight attendants had tomato juice on board.

And why does tomato juice taste so much better up at 35,000 feet? Huh? Just asking.

Johnny was early so he was at the cell phone lot waiting for our phone call that we'd landed.  And he brought Peanut with him!! What a guy. I was so excited to see him.

Thanks to my parents and to Kat & John for putting Josh and me up for a few days each. Josh doesn't know the next time he'll be through Texas so it was cool that you guys let us crash in your rooms! It's been 3 years since he's been to TX and we don't know when he'll be back through so this was perfect timing to take the trip.

The two family dinners were very special to us. Thanks everyone for joining us at Applebees last night for supper (Madison picked Applebees because "they have the best chicken fingers on the planet!"). So now you know  :o)  The dinners may seem like they are a small gesture, but they created lasting memories for Josh.

You guys rock!

This coming week I'll post the rest of the pics from the trip, but I'll be unpacking and spending time with my honey. Speaking of which, Johnny's waiting for me to go with him to take the girls for a walk so.......BUH-bye!  Stay tuned........


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