Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I know you've been waiting to see an update on my baby birdies, haven't you?
Lie to me, ok? I'll cry if you say NO.

My sister likes to remind me that the birds have their OWN mother and that I'm simply a crazy stalker lady to the little babies.....whatever.....I already named one of them Josh, Jr. so they're stuck with me now.

Day 4

Hello little babies! Rise and shine! This is DAY 4. They're getting floofier.

Day 5

Mohawk Josh, Jr. is throwing his head back and saying, "Oh God! You again?!? UGH!"
He's just like my boy. It's all about the drama, drama, drama....

Day 5-1

This is DAY 5 (today) and Josh says they've gone from "Pretty damned ugly" to "Still sorta ugly."

I think that's progress.

Day 5_Poopy

And this?...Well, it's my poopy door. Yup. The pooping has officially begun.

Those little squirts. Haha, punny!

I just like to share  :o)

My baby BOY birdie

Speaking of poopy birdies....haha. I'm cracking myself up today.

Must be the poop fumes, sorry.

I think Josh curses the day cell phones came equipped with cameras.

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