Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I was just going through some old files and I found these two photos from Easter Sunday dinner 2007.

Things were a lot more hairy in our house hold back in 2007. Must've been something I put in our Easter ham. Oh and I see my Orange Salad and sweet potato biscuits. I need to make them again. Now I'm hungry. Blogging is making me gain weight. What was I talking about? Oh yes......


Johnny had just retired from the U.S. Navy so he was going all rogue on us for awhile; refusing to shave or cut his hair and just being a rebel in general. I may have had to bail him out of jail once or twice, not sure.


Look at our boy! Wow, Josh was 16 and those were the bleached, long haired, narly, hoodie, army pants, skate board, camouflage cut offs, death metal, glasses, braces ~ that's why I get no big smile here, video game, rebelious, anti everything, rock star, garage band, mom you are so embarrasing days.


What a difference 3 years makes. Alright, so the mom you are so embarrasing days are still in effect, but whatever. And death metal still seeps out from under his bedroom door and blares out of his car windows. And now he has 3 earrings and 4 tatoos....guess I shoulda seen that coming.

Anyway, it's still a big change to a young man who screams "I need a haircut!" when his hair gets to be about 3mm long and who is eagerly awaiting his dream of becoming a U.S. Marine.

He's our boy. And we've love him through all of the stages of his life and I'm so eager to see the many stages to come.

I also many grey hair to prove that love. 

Aawwww....Joshie is the reason I "sparkle."

I also love my hairdresser. She covers all of that grey looooove, even throws in a few highlights to make me look extra sane.

I do look extra sane, don't I?  Lie to me.


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