Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I had so much fun playing BINGO with my friends yesterday at the Army Wives Club Luncheon.

One word ~ Craaaaaa - zzzzyyyyy!!


Lori summed it up perfectly when she announced that this wasn't just Bingo ~ it was COMBAT BINGO! and that we needed to practice a lot more before the next game. The announcer (ball caller lady?) was a "professional" and she wasn't messing around.

She was also a little grouchy. I'm just saying.

It could have a little something to do with the fact that my table was a little unruly, (What? Our table? Noooo......) Pam called out to her once to slow down, and we giggled and talked the entire time. Again, big, huge surprise.

We simply (Ok ~ "I") couldn't keep up with the "professional announcer ball caller lady."  I mean, c'mon, I was playing TWO cards and that meant kicking in ALL of my brain cells. That alone was smokin' my head.


Whatever.....the salmon was delish & we had a really good time. I love spending time with my girlfriends. They are nutty and I heart them.  And out of all of these playing cards, NOT ONE WIN!

Girls ~ we definitely need to practice more!  Now that I have my brand new dopper let's do this more often!

If you think us playing the "anchor" or "airplane" card was hard, I found a group online that plays the 100 Chinese characters on their cards and another group that plays lunar and solar images.....

I see Aquarius ~ ready? GO! 

I'll need 2 pots of coffee, please.

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