Monday, April 12, 2010

We have a Spring announcement!

We are having a baby!

No...we're having 5 babies!! 

.....5 birdie babies.....haha!

Sucker! Gotcha, didn't I? I guess you weren't paying attention to all of the times I said there would be no more children coming from my womb. I am about to send my grown son off to the Marine Corps to get on and live his life, and I'm eagerly anticipating my "Empty Nest" and all of the roller coaster emotions I'll be having this year. Done. No more. Finished. Over. Peace. Out.

Any-hoo, I was just about to take my Winter wreath down yesterday when Josh came in from work and announced that we had a birds nest hanging from our front (glass) door and that the Mama bird nearly took his eye out when he startled her. At first he thought it was a bat!

Ironic, huh? JOSH telling me about the new nest on my front door. Warning: I see extra meaning in everything and I see signs from the universe everywhere. But you already knew that.


The Mama bird must've liked my wreath just as much as I did.

And I'll bet she thought those were real fruit, too, and that feeding her chicks would be easy on her.

Sucker. Why should she have it any easier? Wow, I was just remembering Josh's 2 & 4 a.m. feedings, colds, teething, and ear infections and got a little mean...Sorry.


She and her birdie hubby did an excellent job making the babies a nest. It's tucked up in there so safely.

I wonder if the birdie husband stops and asks for directions to the nest or if he just flies around for hours saying, "I'm sure it's right around the corner!"  Just asking...I mean, I'd have no experience with that, right Johnny? Johnny?  (He can't answer. He's driving around somewhere and won't be home for hours).


Look at those cute little eggs! Johnny thinks they are Hedge Sparrows. They are light blue and speckled like Robin's eggs, but much smaller.

Hey, wait a minute, did she seriously use part of my wreath to make her nest? I think she may have! If she wasn't giving me beautiful grandbirdies then I might have to have her arrested. She's lucky I'm in a good mood.


From the inside of the glass door you can see why I'm a little nervous of us coming and going ~ if the door slams then the wreath might fly up and the kiddos will fall out.
I can't have that on my conscience. My maternal instincts are kicking in.

And I'm sorta wondering where she got that toilet paper to insulate her new home. No....I just can't think about it, I'm just glad there aren't any porta potties set up nearby.


One, two, three, four, five. Fingers crossed they have have all of their little eyes and beaks.


I will have a front door view of my birdie babies when they hatch and I'll be sure to share.  xoxoxo  In the meantime, if you come to my house, whisper and approach the door slowly or Mama Bird will take your eyes out!


I went ahead and added the pic of my babies to the MACRO photography assignment.



P.S. I just Googled and found out that the eggs take two weeks to hatch and then the babies will stay nested for another 2 weeks. I have more of a commitment here than I thought....OK, I'm going for it, my protective Mommy genes are all kicked in. As if I have a big choice, but still. Next year, though, I need to take my wreath down much sooner. I'm too emotional as a mother to be doing this every Spring.


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