Saturday, April 10, 2010

I tried to go outside and get inspired to shoot something MACRO for the new photo assignment....but it's too cold out! Tw days ago I had the AC on, today I had to turn the heat on. Welcome to Virginia in the Spring time.

I had to get creative inside the


There's my submission on the top row.  Get it? Huh? Well? DO YOU GET IT!!??

"M is for MACRO"

Tell me you got it because if not it's too late. I've already submitted it with this note: This is my fingerprint - if I ever disappear please give this photo to the FBI.

Seriously, this is as macro as I could get. On a cold Virginia Spring Saturday.

It was either this or a shot of my molar. It's pure gold and very cool  :o)  I'm guessing that about now you're thanking me for keeping my gold molar private.

I will. For now. But if the next photo assignment is "TEETH" then you're all in big trouble.

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