Friday, May 21, 2010

I want to wish my niece, Miss M, a HAPPY FIELD DAY today!

Have fun, cutie pie! I love you! Hope you beat all the boys in tug of war.

(And don't forget to hit your mommy with a water balloon!)

If you repeat this I'll plead the 5th ammendment.


Don't worry, you'll learn about the 5th someday...

It's a good one, hee-hee. Especially on field day.

Have the time of your life you precious little thing xoxo

Happy Friday everyone! I won't be blogging over the weekend ~ I plan on a Friday night BBQ complete with margaritas with my Johnny (J has a date), a relaxing family day on Saturday with both my boys, hopefully catching a movie (Iron Man 2 or a Chick Flick ~ who will win?) then out to eat, and going to a jewelry party with Mama Kay on Sunday. I know.....just what I Shoot me.

See ya on Monday, be safe!!


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katherine said...

Our favorite ammendment in Texas is the 2nd!