Monday, June 28, 2010

Minnie is old.

Minnie is our little sweetheart.

When our regular vet told us that Minnie had an enlarged heart and a murmur and that we should get it checked out....

We did so immediately! Maybe I'm just old along with Minnie, but I had NO idea that there were medical specialists for dogs. I mean, a Cardiologist! For dogs! Okay....


But Johnny and I decided we'd go have a look-see into her heart and see if there's anything that can be fixed without invasive measures because...she's old and she's our sweetheart. I'm not going to put her through anything crazy.

The assistant rolled out the welcome mat for our little girl. Isn't that sweet? Or did that cost us an extra $50? I'm not sure, but I liked it.


Get. Me. Out. Of. Here. Mommy.



Just in case you were wondering what the canine heart looked like. I did.


Our big girl!! 4.6 pounds! Geeze, Minnie, we need to get your fat arse on a diet.

Haha, you're nearly breaking the scale! Too many treats little girl.


Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. You're cute and I love you mucho gusto.

You're my baaaaaaaaby!


I did sneak one. You can't leave me alone in a room with food.

I've been on a diet and I'm hungry enough to eat the metal lids.

The cat treats were pretty good. Tastes like chicken.


Okay, all done. The bad news is that during the ecogram/sonogram/whatever it was ~ her left side does have a faulty valve and it's enlarged. And she's weak because of it.
The treatment can be an incredibly expensive surgery that would replace the faulty valve.

Translation: Get a second mortage on your home, sell both of your cars, tell your grandchildren that they will never go to Disneyworld, you'll never get your false teeth or a rocking chair, and you'll eat Ramean soup for the REST. OF. YOUR. LIVING. DAYS.

HOWEVER!! Minnie's heart would be fixed!! Woo-Hoo!!

Cue the scratch on the record player sound playing in your head: Zurrroooooppp-screeech! (I heard it. Did you?)

Because that isn't going to happen. I happen to like cars, food and shelter and my future false teeth. Plus, I WILL be taking my grandchildren to Disneyworld, I can't wait! (Josh, that had BETTER not be any time soon though, thank you very much. I guess I can wait)....

So...Minnie will slumber along and we will keep her happy and thriving and take the puppy stroller along every night on our walks like we've been doing for the past 2 years (looking like weirdo's, but who cares) so that she can walk a little, ride a lot, walk a little, ride a lot. Minnie's happy, we're happy, the bank is happy. The cardiologist won't be happy. It's all good.

And when the time comes when her little heart says I'm done, then we will be joyous of every year and moment we've had with her and put her to rest. No issue there. We are blessed that she's been part of our world for 12 years now and we pray for several more years. God willing.

The funny thing is they did offer us meds (of course, and expensive ones at that) - basically caffeine pills to give her a jolt; a boost of daily energy....I'm sorry. But can you IMAGINE a Chihuahua on caffeine? I can't stop laughing!

No. No. No. Not in this lifetime. So that's it. End of story. We love you Minnie Mouse   xoxoxo   Here's to long, happy life. Everyone lift your iced tea glasses!!  {{{clink}}}


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