Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama Kay & Pam!

I have been friends with these gals for 9 years now and I love them!

Mama Kay is my "East Coast Mom" and Pam is one of my favorite sistah's evah! I left home 23 years ago (has it been that long? Oh my....yes, it has). Being a military wife and living all over the world far from my own family I've always said that God provided me a Mom and lots of soul sisters here in N. Virginia to love and care for me. Because.....

I am a woman, therefore I need my gal pals!
And I'm a bit koo-koo crazy.
And need someone to give me hugs.
And to eat with.
And to laugh with.
And to tell me that my pants don't make my butt look big even if they do.
And someone to shop with.
And to tell me that my hair is cute even when it has turned orange.
And someone to eat with.
And to buy makeup with.
And to buy jewlery with!!!!!! (Mama Kay and I go to the most fabulous jewelry show ever!)
And to learn how to take care of ourselves with (we're trying to live & eat well. Emphasis on trying). By the way Pam has recently lost 42 pounds - way to go PAM!!
And I need someone to solve all the problems of the world with - such as Why DID that stupid chicken cross the road?
And someone to discuss books with....
Oh, and did I say we like to eat together?


I am the exact same age as Kay's daughter so she's adopted me, simple as that. She is just fun to be around and she takes care of me, what can I say? She thinks I'm spethel, she listens to me and pretty much spoils me ROTTEN.

There. It's all her fault I'm so rotten. Can we put all that to a song? And ode to Mama Kay. I think a country tune would work.


Pam is hilarious and is a dog lover like myself. She used to have 3 miniature schnauzers, but sadly one passed away. Next week I'll be dog sitting the other two while she gets to go play in California. I'm so {{{jealous}}}. The poor girl broke her ankle recently and has been going stir crazy cooped up in her house.


Both of these wonderful ladies are birthday girls and since they were both leaving on vacation I called them for a quick lunch to celebrate ~ and they said YES! The timing was perfect for us to meet at the Asian Grill. The manager brought them an ice cream sundae. Lucky chickies.


This is all I got because I was the loser that wasn't celebrating a birthday at my table. Fine. I ate it anyway. Hurt me.


We spent three hours eating, laughing and discussing things so scandalous that I can't even write them on my rated PG blog. OOooohhh....It would shake your tail feathers to know what's being said right now.

This was the funniest moment EVER. The recording played quite loudly on the intercom throughout the restaurant. Naturally, I had to have my girlfriends serenaded properly in the traditional Asian custom...

They may never forgive me.

Until our next birthday party.
Or book club. Or field trip.
Or jewelry show.
Or random lunch or trip to Starbuck's.
Or movie week.....


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