Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Madison wrote a song called "Shut Your Mouth"

Madison wrote a song....
The music video seen ONLY on this blog....
The exclusive ~ The fabulous ~ 
"Shut Your Mouth"

This child cracks me up!


Today we had a very busy day at the pool. Three hours...we came home pretty water logged. She met a new friend ~ they got along so well we are getting together again on Friday so the kids can play.


I thought Madison was signing "I love you..." to me and I said, "Awww, that's so sweet" and she said, "No way! This means Hook 'Em Horns!!" Haha! You can take the girl outta Texas....

Tomorrow's another busy day ~ meeting Johnny for lunch then going to his work's ice cream social. Madison said she's going to taste every flavor and every topping! Wow! I hope they bought enough because she's going to get her money's worth. Good girl!


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Kat said... much for manners.