Thursday, September 9, 2010

This is incredible footage! My brother in law (Madison's Daddy) had to be rescued last night from the river ~ he is an emergency trained rescue expert. My other brother in law, a fire fighter was also on the news. The video clip below is long....but at about 4 minutes you actually see Craig get lifted and then lowered onto land.

STAR FLIGHT Rescue Footage ~ Georgetown, San Gabriel River 9-8-2010

Here's my sister's quote: "This was Belton yesterday. Hurricane Hermine kicked our butts. John made the news!! Craig was out all night in a boat team. The water was so high there were trailer homes going down the river with them. It got so dangerous they had to be pulled out by the helicopter."

press photo

"John's (pictured at the far right of the above photos) pictures were from the next morning - they had to evacuate a whole neighborhood. (I guess that's the guy giving the peace sign) Clayton King is John's LT. He thought he could make it to work over a low water crossing, but his car stalled out because it didn't look so high in the dark. When they went by about an hour later in the fire truck that is the top of his car in the top picture: that's how fast the water came up."


The car roof that's right by the man's head is John's Lt's car (I should say...roof).

Wow, amazing rescue and hard work. What brave workers they all are! Great job Austin fire fighters, Paramedics, rescue specialist crews and dispatchers! I'm relieved that everyone is safe and sound after this harrowing ordeal  xoxo


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