Monday, October 25, 2010

Give me one minute to whine. I need just one second and this blog is my place to put my feelings and achy brakey heartfelt junk, right? Ok, here it goes:


Holy cow. Where has the time gone? Please. Someone stop the clock. In a way, this has been the longest freaking year EVER. But now it's flying by.

Last night, I'll admit it, I was sort of testing Josh, much to my husbands dismay. We went out to dinner and I looked at Josh and said, "So, you're really gonna do it?"

Cut to: In my head I imagined my boy saying, "No, Mom. I can't go. I'm your only child and I know how much you love me and are so proud of me so I just can't do it. I don't want you to be all alone. I want to go back to school and move to Fairfax or Burke and be close by. Some day I'll marry and have your grand babies and we'll do Sunday family dinners and you can play with the kids and my doberman and we'll go on our summer cruises together." Cue: The hugs & the tears and the angels singing....

Smack. Back to reality. And reality really sucks.

Because he didn't even hesitate one second and replied, "I'm soooooo ready!! Let's do this! I'm getting really pumped up!"


"'re positive?"


"You're sure? Like, 100 percent?"


"Really?"  *sniffle*


"Fine. Go then. See if I care."

"You care."

"I know. But what-ev's."

"I'll miss you, though."

"You'd better."

And so it goes. My boy is leaving in one week. My one minute is up. I'm done whining. Time to walk the girls now. With tissue. Thanks for listening.


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