Friday, November 19, 2010

"The Cake"

I was wading through all of the images from Josh's farewll party and decided that the cake needed a post all it's own. It was SO CUTE! 

This is my girlfriend Lynn. She owns a catering company called "A Bit More Sweets & Specialties" (go to the link to "like" her facebook page). Lynn generously squeezed out some time between all of her farmers markets and jobs to make Josh's cake. Lynn also did my 40th birthday high tea in my home...oh man, I have to dig out those pics and show you what this lady is capable of. You'll love it.

All I told her was "make some kind of Army cake" and she ran with it. She created the camouflage fondant pattern herself!

The cake was well protected. Just try and steal a piece! C'mon, I dare ya.

Complete with a little Army Ranger and his get uber cool jeep. (Josh has a slot for Ranger training).

My bald boy was ready to dig in. Anyone know how to remove a balloon string from his cute face?

It was almost too cute to cut into.

But of course, he got over it. You can't keep a boy from his cake. 

This? ...... I'm not really sure what's going here with Josh and Brandon, ha! But I can say, without a doubt, that everyone loved it.

Lynn sliced fresh bananas into the center.

And then she made a delicious banana cream filling. The mix of the chocolate, vanilla, bananas.....oh. Heart be still. It's making my mouth water right now just typing about it. It was truly remarkable.

The next day, this is all that was left of the wreckage we made of it. By evening, after Josh's friends had popped in twice to storm the refrigerator of left over BBQ, there was hardly any left at all!
(And I kept the little Army Ranger in my memory box. Too cute!)


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