Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Josh's farewll party ~ Pt. 1

Oh my gosh, today marks 2 weeks that Josh has been off to boot camp!!

I'll admit, the first week was tough. But now I'm getting used to it and I'm able to look at his farewell photos & videos without bursting into tears and screaming, "They've taken my baby!!!!!" like some deranged freak who just escaped from her straight jacket. What? I'm not a drama queen.

I have to state for the record to the entire world (meaning....the now 9 people who read my blog) that I am married to the MOST patient man on the planet. Honestly, I am.
Johnny simply wiped the spurting blood off that shot out of his ears from my shrieking, kept listening to me, giving me hugs and supporting me during the panic, whining, utter dispair, thrashing and pure hysteria.

And that was just in the parking lot waving goodbye to Josh on the bus. Hmmm....come to think of it, I haven't seen Johnny since. But he IS patient.

So in the days leading up to the farewell party I was on Johnny constantly to make his farewell poster. We bought poster boards at Michaels like proud parents sending their child off to boot camp so that we could do our rightful duty and embarrass the hell out of our boy one last time.  {{high five}}

I, of course, being the ultra crafty, talented, artsy chick that I am (NOT) bought everything in sight to help me put together my masterpiece. I'm telling you, this project brought sweat to my brow since I can't even make a stick figure look good. I have NO artistic gene in my body. Thank God for Michaels. And my 40% coupons....

The one thing that I DO have are photos. Uuhhh...approximately 8,999,085,000 of them just on my hard drive from 2010 alone. Plus, I stole a bunch of pics straight off of Josh's facebook page so that I could do a "memory lane" kinda theme. I used my handy-dandy little 4x6 printer and got to work.

Those are poofy pom-pom bows in their hair. See? Me = Artistic. Shut up.

I love this pic of Josh from Halloween last year.

So proud!

Hee-hee. He's bald now.

I found all of these little Army stickers and jazzed up the pics   :o)

I made a little Army Josh!

  My hero 

Beef cake, haha
For several painstaking hours I printed, cut, glued, hit the vodka, taped, sweated, stickered, glittered, trembled, pom-pomed on my little poster that could. Then I prayed that everything would still be on the posterboard in the morning.

In the meantime, 90 minutes before bedtime Johnny hopped on his computer and got to work.
I'm all: "What?!? Where is your poster board? Where are your scissors? Glue? Tired, swollen eyes? Sweaty arm pits? Raw hands?!?!? Bags under your eyes?!?!?!?!?!?!"

Johnny: Yeah, uuuhhh, right, honey....I'll just do my magic on the laptop, print it out real fast on the plotter in the morning, tape it to the poster board then head over to the club house to decorate.
Me: Whaaaaaa????
Me again: HUH? What do you mean "the plotter?" What's a plotter and ....what? We were supposed to sit here all night and make posters together, you know...have a fun, romantic, bonding, couples craft night!  :o)
Johnny: I don't do crafts.

He made little Joshie's too.....only he did it in 30 seconds, not 23 minutes.

Like we can't tell that's fake. Sheeeesh.

Well.....OK, that one is kinda cool.

That one too. Dang it!
Note to self: Take a Powerpoint class.
Another note to self: Before boot camp graduation.

Look at the 3D stickers he added at the end, too cute! Yes, I'm a Johnny fan. I can't stay ticked very long.

Now it's ready for "The Plotter" Ooooohhhhhh-Aaaahhhhhhhh....

Great job honey! I'll reschedule our craft night for another time. It'll be F-U-N!
So Johnny's poster looked amazing in the end; so professional, clean, awesome & very "Military."

Mine looked like the craft store threw up on it. But that's okay, it came from my big, proud Mommy heart 

And while Johnny was out printing his poster on "The Plotter" (Ooooohhhhhh-Aaaahhhhhhhh) I was out buying everything I could get my hands on that had an Army/Military or American Hero theme.
Decorating is going to be a blast!
And Johnny is going to help me!
And "The Plotter" (Ooooohhhhhh-Aaaahhhhhhhh) won't be able to help him this time!
{{{Evil laugh}}} 
~ I'll post the party tomorrow (wait until you see my sister and brother in law's & Madison's poster-too adorable!) ~
~ Thanks for stopping by ~


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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the mommy poster.... just one word of advice for next time... leave the feathers at Michael's. Ha!