Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pinch me......


If someone would've told me one year ago that THIS would be the sight next to my front door, I would've told them to put down the vodka and find a good shrink!

Pinch me.

I walked in from going grocery shopping today and was a bit overwhelmed at the sight of his boots, his hat and his dog tags. He's in the Army. He's not playing Army. He's IN the Army.

Pinch me.

It was a long, 18 hour Greyhound journey from Georgia, but he can handle it. He's Army Strong

Sorry for putting a after "Army Strong"'s a Mom thing....

And sorry for blinding you with my cell phone flash, Josh....that's also a Mom thing....

We're both running on about 3-4 hours of sleep and have had a busy day together, but I couldn't be happier.

That warrented another heart.

My boy just ate an entire batch of chocolate chip cookies and I baked him his favorite egg nog cake.

Johnny is in Illinois ~ his daughter Liz graduated college today ~ YAY LIZ!! ~ he'll be home tomorrow.

What a great day for our kiddo's. They're taking on the world.

Life is good.

We're going to order some pizza and I'm going to spend the evening listening to his boot camp tales. I feel like I can fully exhale again. It's a good feeling.

I hope all of my friends who's boys came home yesterday or who are coming home today & tomorrow have a wonderful reunion.



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