Thursday, January 21, 2010

Earrings Galore!

We got a surprise package in the mail today and it seems that Jack, my talented father in law, has been a very busy, busy man.  Look at what I got!!


We got on Google Chat so I could open the box. Jack made these home made glass earrings on his torch. Aren't they gorgeous? Can you see the sweet little candy canes and baby icicles?  And ....the ....teeth? Yes, umm ....molars.  Haha! Jack, you are so funny!

I'm wearing the green shamrocks. Here let me add a picture of them.

But I'm just warning you, girlfriends ~ BACK OFF! They're MINE!

Aren't these sweet? Oh, I love them.
St. Patty's Day, here I come!

My cuter than ever icicles...and, um....the molars, haha!

Jack knows I'm a trained dental assistant and these are fun and make me laugh.

Precious.  I can't wait until next Holiday season.

Look Jack!  They fit and look so cute.  Say cheese! You're on candid camera!

What a fun day this has been!

Thank you, Jack. You are the sweetest man. I know exactly where your son gets his charm.

I love my prezzies XOXO


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