Thursday, January 21, 2010

Annual Soup & Salad Luncheon

My day started off on a sweet note ~ I came down to make my coffee....

But beside my cup I found a little white gift from Johnny! (See it wrapped up in the napkin?)

SURPRISE!  Thank you, Sweetheart XOXO

Then it was off to my Navy wives Soup & Salad Luncheon

First, have a glass of JARHEAD wine, haha!

I SPY.....A Brendahead in the Jarhead botttle!

Made by Marines & proceeds go to the Marine Corp Scholarship Foundation

It was good, too!

This is me and my Mama Kay, she's my East Coast "MOM" & for 8 years I've felt very close to her.  She takes such good care of me.  Isn't she beautiful?  She's so classy.  It was nice spending time with her today and getting to catch up.


Burke-Springfield Navy Wives Coffee Group
We have our Soup & Salad potluck every year in January.

Shrimp salad

Mama Kay made this beauty; a fruit salad with a Limoncello dressing, yum!

Beef & vegetable soup

Paula Dean's Potato, Corn & Shrimp Gumbo

Cream Puff Cake! Oh my, I think we died and went to heaven!

~ Girlfriends ~
Teri, Shelly, Christine & Pam

We had a small business meeting to plan our next outing to Fredricksburg in February

Our hostesses ~ Kathy Gunning & her friend Mary Beth


It's always nice to come home and find my 3 girls crowded onto a tiny heating pad.  Poor Peanut, there's no room for your head.  Aawww....

It's been a nice day filled with food & girlfriends, two of my favorite things.  Oh, and my cookie from Johnny.  He's so sweet.  It does make it hard to loose weight though.  :o/  I can't wait for him to come home.  I've miss him today...


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