Monday, January 25, 2010

January Book Club

Eight years ago, when I moved here, I joined our Coffee Groups' book club.  We meet the last Monday of every month.  We all take turns picking books and then we meet at a restaurant that has something to do with the book.  You know, like if the book is set in China we go to a Chinese restaurant, and so on.  It's fun & I love these ladies!

Burke/Springfield Book Club

Today we met to discuss Plainsong by Kent Haruf. We met at Brio's Italian Restaurant at the Tyson's Corner Mall and the food was delicous!  This is the same restaurant that Johnny's work team meets at for Friday happy hours once a month.

One of my friends ordered a salad and this was how it was served, I was so impressed.  It was beautiful.  They called it "The Wedge."  The knife came stuck in it  :o)

I ordered a caesar salad with a sweet potato & chicken risotto.  It had pine nuts, prosciutto & some sliced asparagus in it. Everything was cooked to perfection. 


AFTER!!   Lunch was sooooo good!  Can you tell?


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