Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Josh Update

A small update on Josh.  Yesterday morning we got a phone call from the recruiting office and they told us that we were looking at a mid March ship date.  We were so excited!  Now, wait a minute....before you get all excited....after we'd told Josh the good news we got a second call from the office; seems there are TWO Josh Davis' and the OTHER Josh gets to leave mid March, not our Joshie.


Today Josh & I went to the recruiting office together.  I sat and worked on my laptop while Josh did his PT class from 4-6 pm.  He came back all sweaty and worn out.  They worked him hard! 

The reason?  Josh has to lose 20 pounds before the commander will give him a waiver for his forarm tatoo and then he can get completely qualified to go into the Marine Corps.  This was all news to us and also news to Josh.

Josh will meet his 20 pound weight loss goal, this I know.  Because I'm kicking his butt all the way to PT classes 2x a week, haha.  And NO desserts will be in this house until that child goes to boot camp.

After PT I was preparing supper and I see Josh....umm....well......

Oh! Sooo purdy, Josh! I like you in the "tooth" earrings that Jack made me!

I wonder what Gunny would say if he say you now?  Hooh-RAH?

You crazy kid, you always know how to make me laugh.  I love you.  We'll get through this one step at a time, you'll see.  But for now, put down that cupcake & give me 20!


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