Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shades of amethyst

For Christmas this year I got a check from Gram to purchase something special "from her" since she can't get out to the mall anymore. So I started looking for something I could buy for myself with Gram in mind....Sweet Gram, whom I love and adore.

Gram adopted me 12 years ago when I married Johnny and has been the Grandmother to me of my girlhood dreams. She has listened to me, encouraged me, made me laugh and smile and told me many wonderful love stories. (I'm a huge sucker for love stories).

Gram's written me countless letters, sharing her favorite recipes, including interesting articles that have appeared in her Peoria newspaper, told me about her favorite movies and TV shows and kept me up to date on her soap operas and her doctor & weekly hair appointments. She's joyous, loving and kind and has been a positive role model in my life.

Gram turned 94 this year and transitioned into an assisted living community. She really likes the food! My kind of lady.

She's quite possibly the cutest Grandma on the planet. She tells me all the time how much she loves me I love her bunches and gobs. She makes me hug Johnny for her while we're on the phone and she says, "Always tell him you love him" and she listens to make sure that I do. "Don't let one day go by without doing that," she says. And I don't. Have I said how much I love Gram? I do. Bunches and gobs...OR...as Gram would say, "A bushel and a peck."

This year for my Christmas present from Gram I picked out a pretty ring. We both love jewelry and when I saw this ring I thought of her right away and knew I had to have it.

For some reason Gram reminds me of amethyst & I don't know why.

Maybe it's her purple grey hair. Or the fact that the color violet is the color of spirituality and she often says she prays for my little family and puppies. I don't know, but thanks, Gram. Every time I wear my ring I'll think of you.

...and I think of you often.

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